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Germany has many pleasing actresses, andย Shaiden Rogueย is one of them. She is an adult actress who made her debut in the grown-up market in 2019 and has Achieved distinction since. She is a master of giving blow jobs and enjoys her slot. Although there aren’t many details about her Wiki, it includes her bio, boyfriend, net worth, real Name, and Instagram.

in addition, Shaiden Rogue is a German actress and a sample, famous adult film star. Rogue, a TikTok celebrity from the United States, has achieved fame on social media. Moreover, Shaiden made her adult film debut in 2019 and has been a well-known actress. Rogue was renowned for her roles in short films. Rogue rose to distinction at an early age.

Concerning Shaiden Rogue:

Although there aren’t many details on this favored celebrity, it is clear that the actress is well-known and highly admired. The actress described herself romantically on her Pornhub profile. She stated:

A slim, 178cm girl who loves porn. Each of my videos is created with tenderness, devotion, and delight. furthermore, Everyone is welcome to observe their passions and have as much fun creating my videos as she does. If you’re interested in catching more of her content, check out her Fanclub!

Shaiden Rogue, at such a young age, has more than 125k Instagram followers. She negotiates all posts and assures no copyrighted material is promoted on the popular discussion forum. 

Shaiden Rogueย is a fine actress. Since her 2019 debut in adult entertainment, she has been making waves as she is a resource person in her field and has gained fame for her ability to find jobs. Before becoming a well-known figure online, she was an expert dancer and athlete in her community. Shaiden’s dancing routines and unceasing relief make her a formidable competitor to Jacob Sartorius or Baby Ariel on TikTok.

Biography Shaiden Rogue:

An actress is one exemplary being.ย Shaiden Rogue, originally from Germany, was born on March 30, 2001. Importantly, Berlin was Rogue’s birthplace. She is a Pisces sign. Moreover, This woman is German by race. Rogue was introduced to the adult market in 2019; and has been recognized. During her first year as an actress seduced thousands of people, mainly Germans. Despite only being in the business for two years, she has terms with some of the most noticeable actors in the industry. furthermore, People became more acquainted with her as she uploaded videos to TikTok and joined adult platforms. Her videos attracted a lot of attention due to their inventiveness and talent. Her app followers multiplied, from thousands to millions to soon 1 million.

Shaiden Rogue Age:

Shaiden Rogue

ย March 30, 2001, was her date of birth. So According to it, She is 21 years old.

Body Measurements: Height, Weight, Hair Color, and Eye Color:

She is 5’10” tall, which is 177 cm. She is a brunette with white skin. Furthermore, They were eager to show their appreciation for the latest photos. Shaiden Rogue’sย body measurements are 34-26-40 inches. She is 34 cm in bra size.

Shaiden Rogue Parentage:

in addition, We don’t know much about her siblings or parents because She wants to keep her family’s private life a secret.

Regarding her lover:

She is presently single and has never married. She is obsessed with making; lots of money at work. The relationship she has with her boyfriend is kept a secret. She has not yet announced whether she is in a connection at the time of her latest post or interview. She is obsessed; with making; lots of money through her work. Or, she prefers to keep her relationship with her boyfriend secret from the public. Shaiden Rogue changed her relationship status to “Opened” via her P3rnhub profile.

Shaiden Rogue Education:ย 

She attended a nearby private school to complete her high school education.

Shaiden Rogue: Social Media

Instagram Account

Instagram Followers: 462K + followers

Twitter Account: Not Known

No Facebook Account

YouTube Account: 

Subscribers: 1.99K + subscribers, increasing every day

Shaiden Rogue Career:

Rogue’s acting career began in 2019. Rogue has chosen to enter the adult film industry using a stage name rather than her real Name. She made her launch in a short film produced by a random production company. She also worked with some of the best production houses. Furthermore, Her social media presence has helped her convert viewers into fans. The collection; which includes five items; is called Private Insights. on the other hand; It will debut in December 2021. People started to notice the group more and more as soon as they began to upload videos on ‘TikTok. Her creativity and talent have attracted a lot of attention to her videos. It will reach one million followers in just a few months. After ‘TikTok became so popular, she posted a collection of her videos to Facebook. Beauty with doe-eyes makes an appearance in pornographic films.

Minor data:

Name: Shaiden Rogue

Nickname: Alias Shaiden

Profession: Tiktok actress and adult actor

The status of the relationship: is open

Date of birth: March 30

Year of her birth: 2001

Age: 21 (as of 2022)

Marital Status: Unmarried

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Birthplace: Berlin, Germany

Nationality: German

Mixed Ethnicity

Christianity Religion

Father’s Name: not known

Mother Name: not known

Sister Name Not Known

Boyfriend Name Not Known

Brother Name Not Known

Children Name None

Hobbies and interests: Running, Yoga, Hiking, Running, and Traveling

Net Worth: $750,000 (approx.)

Education Qualification: Not Known

Shaiden Rogue Physical Appearance

Height: 5’10”

56 kg


Eye color:  Blue

Hair color:  Brown

Tattoos:  unknown

Piercings:  yes

Turn on Adult Related: As of 2021, there were 90 videos

Shaiden Rogue’s Choices:ย 

Favorite Color: red

Famous Actor: Roger Dale Floyd

Renowned Actress: Morena Baccarin

Favorite sport: Football

Dearest sportsperson: Cristiano Ronaldo

Favorite Destination: Nuuk, Greenland

LinkTree and modeling journey:

Shaiden Rogue

Her parents and family encouraged her to choose modeling as a career and become a fashion influencer. Furthermore, She is a tall, slim woman with long legs and blue-grayish eyes. She has dramatic eyebrows that make her perfect for modeling. Her passion for modeling and fashion influencers starts at the age of 10.

After her graduation, she moved to Hambury to pursue her modeling career.

She began her modeling career through Hanauer Landstrabe 135,60314 Frankfurt am Main. It was then that she became known as East-West Models agency. She was also attributed in magazines such as Elle; Glamour, Vogue, and Glamour.

She is also an entrepreneur and a popular member of the global app Linktree. It serves as a landing site for all associated links, which is rare for companies or individuals to link to multiple locations on social media. It allows them to sell products and merchandise under their brand.

Shaiden Rogue’s Net Worth:

She is estimated to have; a net worth of $30,000. Before she became an internet celebrity, she was a respected and well-respected dancer and athlete in her community. All of her fame has come at a young age.

in addition, Her creativity and skill attracted a lot of attention to her videos. People began to notice her more after she started uploading videos to TikTok and joined adult platforms. Her app followers increased from thousands to millions, and she soon surpassed 1 million.

TikTok, which was so well-known, put together a collection of her videos and shared; it across several social media platforms; including Facebook. The doe-eyed beauty is also a dancer and performs in adult movies.

Rogue’s net worth; is estimated at $750,000. Her income comes mainly from acting, modeling, and subscription income. The actress is paid; an excellent; salary to appear in short films for adults.

Hobbies of Shaiden Rogue:

Shaiden Rogue

Everybody likes to have fun.ย Shaiden Rogueย loves to spend time with friends, take pictures to capture the attention of her followers on social media, and watch movies.

Several Unknown Facts:

  • Rogue is an American social media personality and TikTok celebrity.
  • Her first role in the film; was in a short film produced by an unknown production company.
  • She also posts regularly to YouTube and Tiktok.
  • Five items are included; in the new NFT Collection Private Insights which she just released in December 2021.
  • Shaiden was a young star who rose to fame.
  • She is also a skilled model, as she has all the features that a model requires.
  • After becoming so well-known, TikTok decided to compile her videos and publish them on various social media sites, including Facebook.
  • Furthermore, Rogue struggles to keep up with TikTok’s big guns, Jacob Sartorius and Baby Ariel.
  • Before she became a well-known online figure, she was famous for her dance and athletic abilities in school and her community.
  • She also runs The Shaiden shop, a clothing line.
  • Shaiden has supported a variety of causes through his charitable work.

Frequently asked questions :

Who is Shaiden Rogue?

Shaiden is a fine actress from Germany. She is a specialist in her sphere and has achieved fame for her ability to find jobs. Since her 2019 debut in adult entertainment, Shaiden has been making waves.

What is Shaiden Rogue’s real Name?

According to records, her stage name may be Shaiden Rogue.

What is the age of this eminently famous actress?

Currently, She is 21 years old.

Why is her work makes her so famous?

Shaiden made her adult film debut in 2019 and has been a well-known name in the industry. Rogue was renowned; for her roles in short films. Rogue rose to prominence at an early age.

Where was She conceived?

Shaiden was born Berlin, Germany.

When was Shaiden Rogue’s firstborn?

Shaiden was born on March 30, 2001.

Who is this famous webcam star?

Shaiden Rogue

She is single and never married. She is obsessed with making; lots of money in her job. The relationship she has with her boyfriend is kept a secret. Although Shaiden Rogu is not married; her profiles show that she has a relationship status of “Open.” It makes clear that she isn’t single and is currently seeing an unidentified man.

Which nationality does she possess?


Who are her parents?

Shaiden was born to German parents. moreover, We don’t know much about her siblings or parents. She wants to keep her family’s private life a secret.

How much is Rogue worth?

The actress is paid an excellent salary to appear in short films for adults. Her income comes mainly from acting, modeling, and subscription income. Rogue’s net worth is; estimated at $750,000.

  • Closing strings:

Despite all these difficulties, Shaiden is now a celebrity and aspiring model. Her participation in the reality web series “HAUS PARTY- WHER HAT DEN BESTEN VIBE?” has made her a global superstar. She is also acclaimed; for her work with many famous brands including Emporio Armani (express), Versace, Giorgio Armani, Versace, and Versace. She drinks alcohol. She is a good cook. Although she doesn’t like to go to the gym, she can swim. She is a yoga instructor. She doesn’t drive her car.

The Girl Who Attempts to Kill Herself and Survives:

This pretty woman’s story is fascinating because it is a rare instance of someone trying to kill themselves. Sheridan took her own life after becoming depressed about losing her friend. furthermore, Sheridan decided to make her suicide attempt a positive marketing campaign, and she has received many offers of support and help.

Attractive Woman with the Heart Of A Lion:ย 

Shaiden Rogue is a woman who was born from nothing and had everything. In contrast, her beauty was not her only asset. This young lady is funny, smart, and intelligent at the same time. Her greatest asset was her intellect. Additionally, She was a kind and compassionate person. People often forget that kindness is a choice. She said it herself.

Although she has no formal fashion training, she knows her style. She is a fashionista who dresses to impress and wears too much makeup. It is evident in her clothes and shoes. She prefers to dress for herself. Shoes and clothing that makes you feel good about yourself are her favorite.

Moreover, She is truly unique in her style and attire. She is tall and slim, which is a result of Mother Nature. Her smile is almost constant.

Gradually local modeling

in addition, She is a webcam girl who creates her content. Gradually, she became a viral sensation and gained several lakhs of likes and followers on her Instagram account. Furthermore, She has become a popular and well-known model by sharing and creating curvy videos and photos.

However, in addition to her popularity and success, several local modeling agencies and fashion companies signed her as a model. She shares mostly her curvy, hourglassed photos and videos on her Instagram account. Also, their career is very active, so it’s not surprising that her net worth will increase in the coming years. At a young age, she made a lot of money.

This popular performer promises to continue to entertain us with her beautiful beauty. is her official website, which has many exciting categories. Furthermore, Her views on PH keep increasing, and she will likely have more features with other stars so you can enjoy more viewing options.

Performing what you love best is the best way to make money. That is whatย Shaiden Rogueย does precisely. Hard work has brought her some wealth. However, Furthermore, Currently, She is a PH superstar with 693k subscribers behind her.

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