Vintage Toys That You Can Give Your Kid

Vintage Toys That You Can Give Your Kid

Vintage toys are making a comeback this year. The toys that have created fond childhood memories among millennials are now beginning to produce new fun experiences with kids nowadays. If you have played shrinking a dink and tops before, you should not be shocked by the idea that you will see them again on shelves and online stores. 

Vintage Toys that Your Kid Would Love 

Shrinky dinks 

Shrinky dinks were a rave in the 1970s when it was invented in Wisconsin by two housewives. The game “shrink a dink” gained popularity and was sold by different companies.

The shrinky dinks are made of polystyrene plastic. It already has a printed design on it which can be colored with pens, acrylic paint, or pencils. After coloring, you can then place it in an oven for heating. It shrinks and then becomes sturdier and thicker. 

Shrinky dinks are used for different arts and crafts projects. It can be attached to chains as jewelry, charms, keepsakes, and dishes. 


Do you want to watch a movie without actually watching a movie? Then, you should try the View-Master. It is actually a trademark name that was launched in the late 1930s. Now, you can get the same toy but with updated pictures of higher quality and color. 

For those who have not yet tried to play with a View-Master, you have to get one yourself. The View-Master has two major parts- the tool that is used for viewing photos and the circular board where the images are placed in succession. 

To operate this toy, you can insert circular cardboard into the slot in the tool viewer. You use both your eyes to view the images. After having fun viewing the image, you then pull the lever on the side of the tool viewer to switch to the next photo. 

Cabbage Patch Kids  

If your kid likes cloth dolls, then they will definitely have fun with cabbage patch kids. Introduced in the 1980s, the cabbage patch kids consist of a vinyl head and nice clothes. 

Nowadays, you can find cabbage patch kids of different sizes. All the clothes are hand-stitched by local artists and every cabbage patch kid is unique because no two are exactly alike. You can adopt specific kids with the inclusion of birth certificates and adoption papers.


Do you know that the Lego brand started as early as the 1930s? LEGO is a combination of two words meaning “play well.” The first toy from LEGO that catered mainly to kids started in 1969. Nowadays, people who are both young and old play with this masterful toy. 

You can get LEGO pieces that you can put together to your heart’s content. Your imagination can run wild with different sizes of LEGO pieces that you purchase. You can also

My Little Pony

Another familiar toy that you have heard of which comes from the 1980s is My Little Pony. The first launch of this toy is a 10-inch figurine that can move. Hasbro then created a smaller version with different available colors. Today, lots of kids like the toy mainly because of the show of the same name. 


Vintage toys are still having rave reviews nowadays. The joy that they brought the kids in the 80s and 90s is again bringing smiles to the children in this generation. To shrink a dink, and play with other toys are simple yet enjoyable ways to have fun with friends and family. The toys of yesteryears are connecting both the young and old. And they are now sharing great memorable experiences together. 

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