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The 5 gadgets that will star in the markets in the near future

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Every step we take in the city catches our attention. We see many around us have them and many times we want them too. With the constant evolution of technology, smart gadgets are appearing more and more often in the company of friends. We gathered the 5 gadgets that will star in the markets in the near future and which impress not only for their modern design but for their innovative use.

Evo Shaver

The smallest and most convenient shaver We are all constantly on the move, doing various activities. Many hours of work and obligations force us to stay away from home for a long time. The Evo Shaver gadget will loosen the hands of all men who can not find the time they want during the day to groom their beards or beard. It is very small and convenient since it fits in the pocket of your jeans or trousers. Charges with a USBC portable charger and enables a gentle shave that does not irritate the skin. Facial care is one of the most important parts of a man’s routine, and in this way, Evo Shaver is a must for everyone. A great opportunity for a Christmas present to your loved ones who will surely love it.

Dissim Lighter

The coolest lighter on the market There are many among us who have problems with the use of the lighter. Dissim Lighter suggests a convenient and nice design for a tool that can accompany you on your every outing. This lighter is the result of many years of work and innovation. It can be used holding it upside down and without the risk of burning the user. Made of durable materials, it ensures that you will not have to buy another lighter in the future.

Ekster Parliament

The ultimate men’s wallet with built-in GPS Technology evolves year by year, and new ideas are constantly reaching the market. Men’s wallets are changing for the better, as they are no longer just meant to put your cash or cards. Ekster Parliament has its own GPS system, advanced protection, and is waterproof. Its price is very attractive, as it can be sold for less than 100 euros. Equipped with RFID technology, this wallet protects your cards at all times, while at the same time the user can control them with the push of a button. It also connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth and you can find it in the house in case you forgot where you left it. Yes, you are not alone, we all do.

Amazfit T-Rex Rugged Smart Watch

One of the best and cheapest 5 gadgets smartwatches available The T-Rex watch has been widely available on the market for some time, but it is already fascinating. It is made of very hard materials that provide protection from anything. Watch is waterproof, so in summer you do not need to leave it at sea, while at the same time it withstands extremely cold temperatures. It has GPS and its battery lasts up to 20 days with the restricted mode application. In its menu, sports fans can find 14 different functions, who will love it as it is light and very easy to use. Its screen is of the latest technology thanks to the 1.3 inches AMOLED Display and its design makes it an option that you can combine in all your outputs

Fizzics DraftPour Beer

The gadget that will make evenings with friends enjoyable When the opportunities for gatherings at friends’ houses for a sporting event become more, a glass of cold beer is necessary. The Fizzics DraftPour Beer 5 gadgets easily and quickly serves beer in a glass by pulling a lever. It is a portable device that you can take anywhere with you and it charges via USB. Its design is innovative and can fit all types of beers. Now you can control how the beer will be in your glass and how much foam it will have. Exclusively designed for beer lovers.

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