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Lissa Aires 2022 – Complete Biography, Photos and Videos

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Lissa Aires is a Model, Adult Star, Social Media Star, TikToker, Instagram Influencer, and quite a known personality on social media. Let’s see what she has to say about this online work.


One of the many things that make life fantastic today is the ease of learning new skills via online courses or apps available for download or streaming. Lissa Aires is an example of such a person in her own right as she dives into many areas from cooking and photography to web design and development – plus much more! That’s not all, though, as Lissa also takes on the roles of a model and adult film star while maintaining her social media presence far too well.

For some time now, Lissa has been active online as a social media personality and is known for her creative endeavors and interests. She keeps the fun going by being featured in several adult films with Playtime Productions; she’s their favorite girl to work with! Of course, she’s also one of the most popular adult film stars on Instagram, with over 2 million followers.

Famous on Social Media:

Lissa finds her work on social media very rewarding as she interacts with many people worldwide every day. She loves learning new things and meeting new people across many different platforms. Her social media presence is set to grow even more as she plans to dive into producing her content via her website –

Social media is a fantastic way to connect with people, making this an excellent career for anyone interested in building their careers. Becoming known in one or two key areas is a great way to start if you are looking for your first portfolio, but there are many different things that you can do. Lissa has learned the value of networking and her work from several other world regions and continues to stay confident in her abilities as she makes her next move.

Many professionals, including athletes and famous actors; also choose to take their talents online as they build their social media presence. Many also choose this route to receive additional profits as they become more well-known online through their work on social media platforms.

One of the most influential people on Social Media, Education, Modeling, and Acting in the world. Lissa Aires is a social media influencer who has written a book titled “How to be Self-made.” Learn more about her today.

Lissa Aires Biography:

Lissa Aires

Lissette Nascimento was born in Rio De Janeiro Brazil. She started acting and modeling when she was 16 years old. In 2014 she became a social media star with more than 500K followers on Instagram and 100K followers on Twitter. She has appeared on many TV shows and movies in Brazil. She is also a significant influencer, and she writes books about her experiences as a social media model, celebrity, influencer, and fitness expert.

Her first book, “How to be Self-made” was released in June 2017; and the book focuses on some of the most important lessons from her life. In her second book titled “How to make money with Social Media,” released in 2018.

She was arrested for two years because of false accusations, but she managed to prove her innocence; she even had a TV Show about it and became an entrepreneur.

We first discovered Lissa Aires’ work on YouTube through some TikTok videos that we saw popping up on our feed. It was suddenly, one day, we started seeing her all over the place. She had appeared in the magazines and newspapers worldwide as one of the hottest TikTok stars to hit the scene; but we were confused because she didn’t look like your typical TikTok star.

It wasn’t until we saw her getting a lot of attention on Instagram that it hit us why she didn’t look like your typical TikTok star.

Lissa Aires Wiki

Lissa Aires

Lissa Aires is a Model, Adult Star, Social Media Star, TikToker, Instagram Influencer, and quite know personality on social media. She’s also a mother who gained fame after her daughter, Inez; became the youngest female social media star of all time. Lissa has been cleaning up on the internet and turning heads with her incredible body since she was 16. The 32-year-old model is now married to Jordan Bratman, with whom she shares two children; and he is the one who runs her social media star empire for her in between modeling shoots.

This wiki details everything about Lissa Aires from when she was born and how much weight; she has lost to what people of this world think about her as an individual; and their thoughts on how some of what she says affects society.

Lissa Aires Parents:

Lissa was born in California and was raised in an authentic Mexican household. She is the daughter of Mexican immigrants who worked very hard to meet their families. When Lissa was young, she wanted to become an actress or a model. Those dreams were fueled when she won two contests for “Best Smile” at her high school; which drove the girls crazyโ€ฆhowever, Lissa was grounded by her father; who told her that if she did not do well in school, then there would be no modeling career. She went on to attend college at UCLA, where she majored in English Literature; and it’s here where she became interested in writing and poetry; while also taking up many different classes such as calligraphy and film.

Husband or Boyfriend:

Lissa and her husband, Jordan Bratman; have been making waves on social media as they are arguably the most in-demand power couple of today. Her husband is a director/writer/producer and has worked with giants such as Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay; and she runs her Instagram page, which has over 300k followers. Social media is a full-time job for Lissa, who writes, directs, shoots, edits; designs all sorts of things for the internet. She does this and raises two children who are also famous for being social media stars like their mom was when she was younger.


Lissa Aires lost her first child, Inez, in 2010, and while she and her husband were not married at the time; they did not yet adopt their daughter. On January 8, 2018, Lissa officially became a mother as Jordan and Lissa welcomed their daughter named Abriella; a very healthy baby girl. Abriella has their dad’s eyes, but the hair is all brunette, possibly due to Lissa, a natural blonde. Still, we are excited to see how much love and support Lissa will give her daughter at such an early age. It will be interesting to see if she will even do any modeling for her since she may have too much fun with her daughter instead.

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