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Davina Potratz was born January 30, 1990, in Southern California, California, to her grandparents. She is a talented realty expert, is 31 years of age (starting at 2021). Effects of the following grew up in Hamburg, Germany, with their family. While asked regarding her educational background, she stated she attended the International School of Hamburg. She subsequently moved to California and enrolled at University In New York City to further her education. Potratz earned a multiple degree in media affairs.

Model Davina Potratz

She is a former model who spent over 10 years with General motors Models.She appeared in the film ‘Ghoul.’

Davina Potratz is a realtor.

Davina has a strong interest in real estate, architecture, and design. She is a real estate broker and the manager of The Oppenheimer Team’s Big Development Branch.

She has sold properties worth more than 50 million $ and worked as an international sales and marketing consultant for various brands and headline premium projects during her employment as a brokerage.

These purchases have been featured in The Real Deal, LA Times, CurbedLA, Dubai Shows television, and Bravo’s 拢 1 billion Properties. She’s also a member of Top Agent Network, which represents the best 10% of agents in the business.

she is the seller of Sunrise.

The following is the schedule for the event.

She claimed she enjoys when on Selling Moonlight in an interview with The 7th Newspaper.

Real estate is all on making connections, so there are a lot of big personality in selling. Individuals get to observe many psychological connection peaks and valleys because we are a small brokerage that works in tight proximity. They sometimes are stressed to produce for a more amusing presentation and cut down to fit into an episode (time permitting), but what you see is genuine.

Because I started the performance in the last moment, they had to cram me in, which is why you there isn’t much of me at first. Our actors and crew spend lots of time outdoors, and I’ve developed personal mates with a few of them. They’re like relatives to me. Shooting can be a lot more fun, but it also can be a lot of work, especially when clients are taking part in a scene and you have to focus on many tasks at once. Finally, we are extremely fortunate to have this opportunity and to be shown on a platform such as Netflix. It’s an honour to be a part of it!”

Early Years

In the year 1990, DavinaPotratz was born into a world. Davina is currently 31 years old. She is an American citizen because she was born in Los Angeles, California. She was born into a Christian home as well. Davina was born and raised in Hamburger, German. Her dad is German, and her mother is German-American, when it comes to her parents. Davina’s grandfather was also a Second World War Paratrooper in Germany.


Continuing on to Davina’s scholastic background, she completed her graduation at the International School of Hamburg in Germany, where she also learnt English. She went on to University In new york city in Malibu, where she earned a first-class advertising degree.

Real Estate as a Career

She received her licence in January 2006 and has worked in the profession since then. Similarly, Davina joined AEG’s The Ritz-Carlton Residences at LA Live team and stayed for 4 years, racking up some impressive transactions. She also performed with The Oppenheimer Company as a broker and director of the New Development Section.

Davina does have a proven record in the marketing.Davina purchased the most expensive apartment ever sold in downtown Los Angeles in December 2008, despite the fact that perhaps the business was having difficulties. She was eventually able to persuade two massive Mansion dwellings for historic a year for all expenses.

Davina has indeed travelled around the globe to join properties events and has a thorough understanding of the market and how it may best benefit her business, especially investments. The Real Deal, CurbedLA, Dubai Shows radio, LA Times, and Bravo’s Multi – million Property have all featured her work Davina is also a membership of the Top Network Of Service, which comprises the industry’s highest 10% of dealers.

She is the sort of person that concentrates all of your efforts on a single project at a time and enjoys collaborating with customers, marketers, and programmers.

Davina Potratz is selling brightness.

She is a member of the cast of Netflix’s American television show Attempting to Sell Sunrise.On March 21, 2019, the series originally broadcast and broadcasted with original series. The sneaker is about the Oppenheimer Company’s real estate company’s high-end suburban properties in Southern California.

Status of the Relationship

Alex potratz is now dating Davina Potratz. Alex also seen with Davina on “Trading Sunrise. “Davina frequently posts images of them are on social networking sites. Their admirers, likewise, desire for their engagement and marriage. Unfortunately, no information about her previous partnerships is accessible. Davina, on the other hand, is unmarried and has no children.

Dimensions of the Body

She is currently 5 feet 7 inches tall (1.7 metres) and weighs roughly 56 kg (124 pounds). She has lovely dark brown hair and a pair of lovely, black eyes. In particular, she has a 6.5-inch dress size (UK). Aside from that, her other physical measures, including shoulder, midriff, and inseam length, are unavailable.

Net Worth and Social Media

Davina is active on Instagram and Twitter, among other social networking sites. Our Instagram username, @DavinaPotratz, has over 156k followers. She has over 400 postings with photographs and videos about her lifestyles to date. Effects of the following started Twitter in April 2019 and now has almost 6.7k followers.

The real estate agent has a personal fortune of around $2 million us dollars. Her real estate company, following by other occupations, helped her accumulate such a large sum of money.

10 Interesting Facts of Davina Potratz:

  • She is an actress who is presently starring in the Netflix show Purchasing Sunlight.
  • Davina’s precise birthday and personal details are unknown, however she appears to be in her late forties. It is confirm, though, that she was born and raised in Germany.
  • Her actual bodily dimensions, as well as her age and weight, remain unknown. She is, nonetheless, a stunning performer with a captivating character.
  • Her belongs to American nationality, however no information concerning her parents or family is available.
  • She is acknowledged to be German and to have grown up here anyway.
  • She social media profiles have revealed that she has a boyfriend named Alexandre. It’s unclear whether they’re wedded to pass or fail. Her brother’s identity is unknown.
  • She is presently starring in the Netflix show Delivering Sunrise. Season two of Buying Sunrise will broadcast on May 22, 2020.
  • Her information is not on Encyclopedia, although it is available on a variety of other websites.
  • Monster-in-law, Selling Sunset, and On the Set: Raising Helen are a few of her projects.
  • By 2020, her personal fortune will be $2 million.

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