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Some more Information Paige Hurd

Paige Audrey Marie Hurds is famous by his name as Paige Hurd. Paige Hurd was born on the 20th of July 1992, in Dallas, Texas. Page Hurd is popular for her famous role as Tasha Clarkson on the American hit sitcom Everybody Hates Chris in the year 2005. Shortly, some of her best movies are Cradle 2 the Grave, Beauty Shop, and Cat in the Hat. We can see her in the music videos of famous singers. She started her career acting a role in an episode of the television series Felicity during her school-age when she was 8 years old.


Name: Paige Audrey Marie Hurd

Common Name: Paige Hurd

Birthday: 20th July 1992

Age: 29 years (2021)

Nationality: United States of America (American)

Profession: Actress

Religion: Christianity

Height: 5 feet 4 inches

Weight: 58 kg

Eye Color: Brown

Marital Status: Unmarried

Education: Graduation

ย Hurds’ Family

Paige was born and brought up in Dallas, Texas. She is from a large as well as a strong family. She has four siblings along with her twin. Paige and her four siblings maintain a strong foundation; their single mother raised them up nicely.

A few years ago, unfortunately, one of her siblings was diagnosed with cancer. Obviously, this was a great source of trouble for the whole family. Fortunately, he has fully recovered from cancer and living a cancer-free life. Hurd is certainly a 29 years old, creative, and talented girl. consequently, he is making her unique identity in the industry through her hard work and creative work.


Paige started her career at a very young age of 8 years. However, she continued her education and got a graduation degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her schooling was at Indian Creek Elementary School.

For her, education is equally important as a career is. Paige appeared in the film โ€˜The Cat in the Hatโ€™ as Denise. This was a comedy film and the story was taken from the book โ€˜โ€™ The Cat in the Hatโ€™โ€™.

presently, Paige is a young film and TV actress she also appears in music videos for famous singers like Jasmine Villegas, Justin Bieber, and Romeo Miller. In some people, skills and competence may come naturally but it doesnโ€™t mean that they donโ€™t need professional training. That is why so many actors, regardless of how talented they are, continue to seek training for their craft. She started her acting career getting training with Dallas Young Actors Studio directed by Linda Seto. “Paige Hurd”

Surprisingly, she is also starring in the upcoming music videos of famous singers. She is undoubted,ย  an energetic actress making her name by her best work in the industry. Paige has made her name in the Hollywood industry and she is known all over the world as a rising celebrity. Paige appeared in “Everybody Hates Chris”, she played the role of Tasha Clarkson the show, and in the show, she really appeared as the shining actress. This role and her acting were appreciated by everyone.

Social Media Paige Hurd

Paige is an active celebrity; she friendly shares her posts and information on her social media accounts. She has millions of fans on social media and in real life. Unlike others celebs, you can find her on social media on a day-to-day basis as she remains regularly in touch with the fans by using social media. If you want to learn more about Paige Hurd, the web pages will help you to have the desired and current information about your favorite celebrity. She is active on Twitter and Instagram and mostly remains online on social media accounts.

Net Worth of Paige Hurd

Paige Hurd is 29 years old Hollywood actress having American nationality. She has a net worth of more than 2 million US dollars. She started her career at an earlier age and now she has surely become a celebrity. To repeat, Marie has made her career at a very young age. Moreover,  she is devoted to her work and has determined to grow in the future.


Paige Audrey Marie Hurd is an American actress; she started her career at a young age. Her family went through some family crises; even then she made her way to achieve fame without a doubt. She is a celebrity at a young age and has a net worth of more than 2 million US dollars presently. Marie has not yet married however she has a boyfriend Maurice Harkless. She has worked in top Hollywood movies and in music videos of top musicians. The star is particularly active on social media and has millions of followers on social media and in real life. She friendly shares her posts on social media.

FAQs about Paige Audrey Marie Hurd

Paige Hurd is surely a celebrity. she is also the shining star of the Hollywood industry. As she started her career at a very young and has gain fame in no time to be a celebrity. Her followers and fans have many questions in mind to be answered about Hurd. With this purpose in mind, There are the following questions about Paige Hurd we have searched for answers to after research on Hurd.

What is her date of birth of Paige?

Paige Audrey Marie Hurd was born on 20th July 1992

What is the nickname? Paige Hurd

Her nickname is Paige

At what age did she start her career?

Paige started her career at the age of 8 years.

 What is her qualification?

She has completed her graduation.

What is the religion of Paige Hurd?

Paige Hurd belongs to the Christian religion.

Is she married?

No. She has a boyfriend named Maurice Harkless.

Is she using social media?

Yes, she is active on social media and has millions of followers.

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