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Turkish dramas are becoming famous day by day. The beauty and stories of these dramas are fabulous. Turkey is using these dramas to get some attention regarding tourism. International Fans are Jonesing to watch these dramas on the internet. Many websites can be used for watching your favorite dramas. The website โ€œTurkish123โ€ is the best and very popular. This website is also named Turkish 123 TV. Com. Itโ€™s also become very popular day by day This website has some outstanding experience to offer you. Letโ€™s know more about this website.ย  Above all, English subtitles are available to us on this website.

English subtitles

The most practical thing to love about this website is the English subtitles. Of course, these help to understand the story of people who donโ€™t know the Turkish language.

OMG Itโ€™s free

You donโ€™t have to subscribe and submit any fee for watching any series. Certainly, as a result, you will become the ultimate fan of this website.

There is no registration required

Turkish โ€œ123โ€ is a website you don’t need any registration to watch dramas.

Promotes tourism in Turkey

The reason for its popularity is the fame of Turkish dramas. At the present time, Turkey is making effort to promote its culture through dramas. The reason behind this is to get more tourists from all over the world.
What I feel is this website is famous because of the beauty turkey has to offer, beautiful ladies and handsome men are seen in these drams. The stories of these dramas are also interesting. Thatโ€™s why this channel is gaining popularity day by day. So it’s a nice try by Turkey in order to increase tourism.

Its user friendly

This is such an amazing website that services you to watch your favorite TV drama episode offline. This app is virus-free.
The best thing about this website is you donโ€™t need to create an account
According to the Turkish media, this amazing app is dedicated to Turkish drama lovers. But basically, this website known as Turkish โ€œ123โ€ is illegal streaming that entertains you with private content, especially TV dramas. The name of this site may be misleading . It is important to realize that it is not official Turkish website.

How to watch Turkish dramas on Turkish123

Hooray! No need to create an account on this website. Open any browser. Once you have opened the browser, type โ€œturkish123โ€ in the search option. This is a free site to watch Turkish dramas. Simply type your favorite drama name. Watch your favorite drama without creating an account. Fans can find all Turkish dramas here.
You will find the most recent episodes of TV dramas and shows as well. Certainly, you will experience an excellent user-friendly environment on this website.

Is it a legit website?

The first thing to remember is most of the material is pirated on this website. The episodes are uploaded without the permission of the owners. This website is not a Turkish official TV website. It operates illegally around the US and in many other countries. People use a VPN to open this website. It may be illegal but technically not dangerous. Itโ€™s a completely virus-free site. In addition, there is no need for any software to use for watching your favorite series.

What about the safety of this website

“You are safe here”
This website is not safe since it contains material that is illegally uploaded. So by the rule, it is illegal. But It is safe for its user. Because there is no virus or hidden software to attack your device. Obviously, it means any content can be removed at any time. So any of your favorite episodes can be removed from here. I recommend, don’t try too hard if you don’t find any of the episodes here.

What are the competitors of turkish123?


All of these websites have huge traffic. Certainly, it means fans are watching Turkish series online on these websites. You can watch your favorite series with English subtitles.

How to download turkish123 on android iOS

The good news for the lovers of Turkish dramas is its app. This app is available for both Android and iOS. It is very easy to use the app. This app is very famous among Turkish drama lovers.
So if you are fond of Turkish dramas, this app is a must-have for you. Some of the best VPNs to watch turkish123 are following

Features of the app are easy to use and straightforward interface

The app is light and easy to run on any device.
All Turkish content is dubbed in the Arabic language. All have English subtitles.
It has a good streaming speed
The video is available in High quality as well as SD quality.
A wide range of content is available.
It is easy to access the app.
Itโ€™s a free platform.
Watch Turkish dramas with English subtitles here.
They update the content library every day. This helps you to don’t miss the new shows or series.
How to download the app
Go to any app store except the apple store

2) Next, look for the Turkish 123 app on your app store.
3) Begin injecting the substance.
4) Completing the process will take some time.
5) Now it’s time to give the program permission to launch and install.
6) For Android users, make sure to enable the option to download programs from unknown sources in the Settings>Security section before starting the program.
Alternatively, if you’re an iOS user, go to Settings > General > Trust the app to finish the download.
So finally launch the app and start watching the series you want. This app offers a huge amount of series to watch. Now enjoy the freshest episodes at this app.


Firstly as a fan of Turkish dramas, I would like to recommend this website to you. If you are a busy mommy like me, you can watch these series later whenever you get spare time.
Secondly, the website offers a very rich user experience. It doesnโ€™t take much time to load the episode you want. Additionally. , the HD quality impresses you instantly.
So what are you waiting for? Go and enjoy yourself with my best-recommended website. If you found my article helpful, donโ€™t forget to add a comment below.

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