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Getting a DigiCert SSL Certificate is an excellent way to certificates make sure that you have a strong, secure website. These certificates can protect; your website and its content from hackers; Also, and are also trusted by all major browser vendors. However, They are also highly affordable and come with a lifetime warranty.

certificates Extended Validation (EV)

EV certificates are the highest level of SSL certificates available, with strong encryption, identity assurance, and data integrity. They increase the credibility of your website and boost customer trust, conversions, and shopping cart rates. EV certificates; are issued; by a Certificate Authority (CA) after a thorough validation of your business. They are typical; issued to businesses; that are registered; with the CA/Browser Forum; and they provide the highest level of assurance.

When a website is verified by an EV certificate, it displays the company name in the browser address bar, which increases the trust of your site and visitors. Altogether, It also triggers the latest SSL indicators in browsers, such as the padlock icon, which ensures that your website is secure. EV certificates; are; used; by digital goods; and high-profile websites; which need an effective; way to show that their transactions; are secure. They are also; used by; many businesses that; process financial transactions. A DigiCert; EV SSL; certificate; is issued; the first thing to remember, in less than one hour, and includes a dynamic site seal; a generous SSL warranty; and complete control over the Subject Alternative Name field. instead, They also offer complete protection for up to four additional domains.

Global TLS certificates


Despite the fact; that they were; recently acquired; DigiCert is a big name in SSL and code signing certificates. Its products meet the highest standards for both security and functionality. They are; widely used in educational; financial, and government sectors. They; are; designed; to protect; the data integrity of digital interactions.

One of the companyโ€™s many products is a certificate; management; platform called; CertCentral. It allows users to manage and monitor a multitude of certificates. after all, They also provide a variety of innovative tools for website security. These products; are; built; on a CDN platform; instead, which is; used by; companies like Cloudflare. The company also has an API for those interested in integrating its products into their own systems. The company also has a secure trust seal that certifies the validity of its products. For more information about their products, customers can contact their sales team or check out their website. They also have an SSL Wizard that can help customers find the right product for their needs.

Trusted by browser vendors

Using DigiCert SSL Certificates is a great way to secure your site and show Google that youโ€™re protecting your customersโ€™ data. These certificates; are trusted; by browser vendors across the board. Web; browsers are configured; after all, to warn users when theyโ€™re visiting a site that isnโ€™t secure. The browser looks at a list of trusted issuing authorities to confirm that the site is authentic. after all, The web browser also displays a padlock icon in the address bar, which indicates that the site is secure.

If a user clicks the padlock icon, theyโ€™ll see a green bar. The padlock signifies; that the; information; is encrypted. It is important to remember that you shouldnโ€™t click on links in phishing emails and that you should never give out personal information to a website that isnโ€™t secure. SSL is essential for websites that handle sensitive information. after all, Theyโ€™re also important for e-commerce sites. Some websites may have multiple domains to secure. These sites will require multiple certificates.

Million-dollar warranty

Among SSL Certificate providers, DigiCert offers the most generous warranty. With its $2 million dollar warranty for businesses and consumers, DigiCert is a great option for companies looking for SSL Certificates. DigiCert offers a variety of SSL Certificates, including OV/EV Certificates, as well as Standard SSL. These certificates protect; your website and email; and are trusted; by all major web browsers.

Using SSL Certificates on your website can increase conversions and reputation, as well as protect your customersโ€™ data. SSL Certificates provide protection from cyber-attacks and can help prevent customers from phishing scams. DigiCert is a global leader in web security solutions and offers a variety of SSL certificates for businesses of all sizes. Their products are fully compatible with most server platforms and include the Norton Secured Site Seal. These also include an advanced authentication system that ensures the legitimacy of your company and website.

DigiCertโ€™s EV SSL Certificates also come with a $2 million dollar warranty for businesses and consumers. These certificates; are designed; for a wide range; of applications; including financial institutions, banks, large corporate websites, and more.

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