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Are you a beer lover like me? We prefer buying more bears than making new friends. Surprisingly, It’s true in my case. I love bears, and my favorite one is Djungelskog. Such an adorable guy. isn’t it?

I have been a beer lover since my childhood. Being an ordinary girl, I should have bought dolls, but I had a considerable collection of Bears. Even now, at my university level,” Bare Bears” is my favorite series. This is a story of three bears who live happily with each other. They have become a family now. They take each other as brothers.

Djungelskog, want to hug you without delay.

What is this bear’s specialty?

This cute Lil one is different from other teddy bears available in the present times. It is his size.


This teddy bear is IKEA uses materials such as cotton and polyester, made by recycling plastic.


Since it has a size of 39 inches, it is the best size to sleep on. You can use it as a pillow. The chunky teddy bear is 1 meter tall, waiting for you to cuddle. Combined with the comfortable fabric, its hugeness makes it an ideal cuddle buddy. In reality, no house is complete without a djungleskog. You can also use it as s soft, comfy cushion.

Comfort level:

Unlike other bears, it is loosely filled. This adds extra comfort to the offer.
He is loosely filled. This makes it undeniably comfortable.


Head size is reasonably bid. This adds more cuteness to the bear.


He got slopped shoulders. It makes it cuter and gives a feeling of a more relaxed state. It means it will give you the same type of relaxation and comfort.

How the craze started

the craze for this bear started when a girl on social media posted she don’t need a boyfriend. Not feeling surprised? Well, it was not the first time a girl said she don’t need a boyfriend. instead, she told the viewers, ” I don’t need a boyfriend because I’ve got this djungleskog teddy bear.”

The designer/ creator of this bear

The designer known as EdholmEllinius made this teddy bear. He works for IKEA. This company is well known for its recycling purpose. It makes toys by recycling plastic.

Are these Toys Safe?

Children like animal toys, and stuffed animal toys are best for newborn babies. These toys are safe and won’t hurt the baby’s skin. Skog is only worthy of our love.
Skog has a furry, plump, brown sent from heaven to remind us of our fallen states. This softy gives hope in desperate times for everyone.

What is the meaning of its name?

“Jungle forest” is the meaning of its name.  What it exactly means, nobody in the world knows about it. , But it could mean that a bear originated from a Jungle forest. Djungelskog is its internet name. There is no name for this bear. this name makes it a more unique thing on earth.

Stuffed toys help reduce depression.

Stuffed animals can be an excellent therapy for both children and adults. They are supportive in a subtle way. You can express your emotions and feelings of closeness. So I recommend you don’t dump your teddy bear when you feel you are now grown up. Keep your childhood toys safe.

Keep them with you. They are a bundle of memories and hug you anytime you want. Indeed, these soft, fluffy, soft toys are your best friend forever. Research shows that teddy bears can indeed reduce loneliness and reduce depression. For this reason, I used to say “djungleskog” is my hug therapy. Undoubtedly, this cute buddy is a thing.
Where you can buy them

sadly. This cute chubby guy is not available for sale in the US. As soon as this guy got some fame on social media, people tried to find out it was the US. But all in vain.

Many websites are selling online. These online stores mainly belong to china. This bear is not available for sale in the US. So you can use any of the websites to place the order.

Surprisingly, a djungleskog teddy bear can not be budget-friendly. Shiping them to us is a hard nut to crack. You have to pay the shipment, which is more than the actual price of the bear. Surprisingly, people have often spent $50-60 on shipping charges for the teddy bear, a $25 price.

Still, want to proceed? Here we go.

How to djungleskog and ship it to USA/other countries
Firstly, go to these websites and pay the amount of the toy and its shipping charges. secondly, you need plenty of patience to cuddle this bear finally. Many websites are selling this djungleskog online. some of them include,

How to wash the”cute guy”

No difficult. Just simply put your favorite detergent in washing machines to wash the bear. 40 C is the highest temperature to wash it safely.
Make sure your detergent should not have any bleach in it. Do not iron it or tumble dry it.

World teddy bear day

September 9 is world teddy bear day. This is a perfect moment for you to gift this skog bear to your friend or girlfriend. Gifting a teddy bear to someone means you thank them for their love and compassion. It is a symbol of love and care.

Lastly, I would say, whether it’s a toy or any human being, you need to take care of them. Only then you will find comfort and happiness. Create closeness and attachment with them. These teddy bears are great for you to be friends with or gift your precious ones to show them how much you love them. In summary, you can use this as a toy or make it the whole world for yourself. Either way, take care of this, buddy.

surely, this bear is no doubt a blessing for people. It is not a must that you should be lonely. Thus everyone should have a cute Lil bear.

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