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Sunflower Drawing: A Step by Step Guide

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There are so many sunflower drawings in nature that it is difficult to notice them all. No matter what kind of flower you use, it won’t matter. Some flowers are more popular than others, no matter how many. Many people all throughout the world appreciate sunflower drawing, which is why they are included in this group of blooms.

You may have asked yourself how you can learn to do sunflower drawing. If you love them as much as I do. In that case, you’ve arrived at the correct location! The directions in this step-by-step tutorial will teach you how to draw a sunflower in just ten simple steps, and you will be able to complete it in no time. You may learn how to draw one of these beautiful flowers using this method, which is simple and straightforward.

Step 1: Draw a circle

To start learning how to draw a sunflower. We will start with a straightforward step that will build on its complexity later. To begin, draw a little circle on the paper.

Because the circle does not have to be exact, you can draw it in a freehand style with your pen.

Step 2: Draw the next circle

Once you’ve drawn in your first little circle, you may go around it with another circle to complete the pattern and make it look more professional. This one will be considerably larger. It will not be a perfectly circular shape either.

Many small curve lines use to create the center of your sunflower drawing, which is meant to look more like the core of a natural sunflower.

Step: 3 Next, draw the petal buds.

The third step of your sunflower sketch is the petals.

Drawing thin triangular forms along the outer perimeter of the sunflower center will be really useful in this situation.

As you make your way around the circle, you should make every effort to ensure that they are all about the same length and size as you possibly can.

Step 4: Now add more petals sunflower drawing

You’re seeing the beginnings of your sunflower drawing come to life! To complete this stage, draw some sharp points between the spaces of each of the petals that we previously filled in.

This will give the petals greater volume, giving a much more extensive look for the sunflower.

Step 5: Next, decorate the center.

During the next level of this lesson on how to draw a sunflower, we will keep things as simple as possible. As the last touch at this stage, add multiple dots to the inner circle of the sunflower’s center to complete the design and close the deal.

You can begin giving your sunflower drawing the rough look you would hope to see in a natural sunflower.

Step 6: Next, add more center details sunflower drawing

Followed by the addition of some beautiful details to the center of the flower. You may begin to adorn the rest of the flower’s center with even more nice elements.

We will fill in the gaps between the lines we have drawn by using curved lines that are slightly suggestive of half circles, as seen in the illustration. Try to incorporate a significant number of these small lines into the outer circle to create an even more interesting texture!

Step 7:Now, add the colors of the petals.

At this stage, the middle of your sunflower drawing is looking great. And we will now proceed to add some detail to the petals of the sunflower.

This will provide a pleasing texture to your sunflower, which will improve its overall appearance.

Step 8: Add your sunflower drawing root

Because a stem is required for every sunflower. We will begin to include one in the eighth stage of this tutorial on how to draw a sunflower.

For this step, I would recommend using a pencil first and then going over it in a pen if you’re satisfied with the result.

If you’re sketching with a pen, make sure to leave a small gap between each line to allow for the addition of leaves. You can erase the two gaps before drawing over the lines with a marker if you’re working with a pencil.

If you’re using a pencil, wait until the pen ink you’ve drawn over. It has completely dried before erasing the pencil below it!

Step 9: Draw in the leaves at this stage.

Now that your item has been sketched in. You can begin to add some leaves to your sunflower image.

Create a variety of curved and straight lines to mirror. The appearance of the leaves in your reference image to include. 

Concentrate on the idea that each leaf will have a thin stem that will emerge from the central stem of your sunflower image to keep your attention focused.

Step 10: Add some colors to your sunflower drawing

Your sunflower drawing is now complete. I am sure it will look just beautiful. Your drawing only has one more element to be completed, and that element is some beautiful colors!

Sunflowers are famous for their bright and eye-catching colors. So, you should have a beautiful image to enjoy once you’ve included your chosen colors in the design.

You might use various materials to color in your drawing. To create a fantastic range of color variations.

Colored pens, colored pencils, and other colored media can all contribute to creating a spectacular new color element in your picture by adding them into your composition.

As a result, it can be interesting to experiment with various mediums to create a blaze of color. Given that our imagination is the only thing that stands between us and your finalized work. Our excitement is only growing as we anticipate your final product.

Are you finished with your Sunflower Drawing?

To help you in learning how to draw sunflowers. We’ve put together this step-by-step lesson that shows you how to draw a sunflower in ten simple steps. 

Initially, you may have found the idea of learning how to draw a sunflower to be pretty tricky.

We hope that this guide has shown you that breaking something down into a series of simple steps is not difficult to complete!

Please share your lovely sunflower drawings on our Facebook and Pinterest pages. After they are complete and colored, every one may see them.

We look forward to seeing some fantastic sunflower drawings this year. We always enjoy seeing your artistic talent.

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