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Sekirei Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Story, and Characters

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When will Sekirei Anime Season 3 Come Out? The Official Release date is not Announced yet due to Covid -19 but expects in spring 2022.

Sekireiย season 3 is the best Japanese anime series. It has romantic and fantasy series. It was a television series. And it is created for Japanese young boys and girls. This is based on manga series. It has the same original name as in the manga novel series.ย 

Introduction of Sekirei season 3:

Sekireiย season has become very famous among all the youngster girls and boys in the japan. The story has based on some manga novels and it is famous among all ages of people. The story has its unique content and story itself. This series has also a long list of fans but someone who has watched this movie for the first time then he also becomes his best fans. The story was written by Sakurako Gokurakuin. He is the best writer of this kind of manga stories and this story was also illustrated by Sakurako Gokurakuin. The first season was published on30th of January 2004.

The season was aired in 2004 and it ended up on the year of 16th of March 2018. After picking up the best story of manga series then this story is converted into an anime television season or series. The first season got a huge hit on the television series after the release of the first season, the second season was also going to huge a hit. The fans are waiting for its 3rd season desperately. In this article, we provide and give you the best possible information regarding this movie Sekirei season 3. So letโ€™s scroll down and enjoy reading your favorite movie.ย 

The storyline of Sekirei season 3:

sekirei anime season 3

Theย story starts in Tokyo, Japan. It is telling about a brilliant and handsome boy. He is a very handsome 19- yearโ€™s old and very active boy. The name of the handsome boy is Minato Sahashi. But when he failed his entrance exam at the college, then his parents and friends are bullying but his life is changed into one moment when he catches up with a Sekirei girl from the sky. He fell in love with that girl but he comes to know that Musubi is an explosive material which she falls from the sky. Soon, the Minato explores that Musubi is 108 โ€œsekireiโ€. The Sekirei’s are not human but they are transformed human genes.

She is also a humanoid woman. She makes him a very strong boy and this humanoid makes and awakes him superpowers. Minato makes her very happy even that she kissed him and makes a strong bond between them. Before Minato, had come to know all the rules of this kind of humans, he then transferred to the high-stakes, the world of Sekirei. Then in this way, Minato reaches into the world of Musubi. And they make their best efforts for surviving there. When the show is growing up and Minato and Musubi come to know that single numbers are the very luckiest numbers. They could continue their battle for their survival.ย 

The casting and characters of Sekirei Anime season 3:

Theย casting of this anime series is very fantastic and the voice over artist also does their best jobs in this series. All-season is going a huge super hit on the box office and over the internet. In this series, a lot of characters and cast have in this seasons and series. The main character and lead casting are mentioned in this article briefly.

Minato Sahashi:

Minato Sahashi sekirei anime season 3

Thisย is the main lead character of this anime series. He was just 19 years old handsome student. But he is not very sharp in his studies he appeared two times in the college exam but alas! He did not get any success and failed twice the time. He lives in Tokyo city, he is alone and he has no friends or relatives around him. Minato’s life and thinking are changed when he finds a girl who falls from the sky. The fallen girl is known as Sekireis. She changed him and, make a new Minato. They both entered into a battle and then struggled for a living battle.ย Minato is a leading character of Sekirei season 3.


Musubi sekirei anime season 3

Thisย is the other female protagonist character of this series. She is one of 108 Sekirei’s. She entered into Minatoโ€™s life and changed his life completely. Also, She is fallen from the sky. She makes him an Ashikabi by kissing him. However, She has many martially skilled and she can attack fully forcefully.ย 


Kusano sekirei anime season 3

Anotherย lead character of this series is Kusano. He was the second- Sekirei and he is normally calling like โ€œOnii-Chanโ€. Onii-Chan means in Japanese is โ€œolder brotherโ€. Kusano is not a mature type he is just childish like a boy. He did not like to fights with anyone. He always tries to resolve fights with anyone. Kusano has the hobby of growing plants and trees. He plants the many trees and then waits to grow them.ย 

The dubbed Sekirei season 3 available:

Theย Japanese people are very fond of watching and making this kind of anime series and also very excited to make its seasons. The original voice-over is in Japanese. But how the other nation people are enjoying to watch this kind of anime series. So here is the solution for the other nations. They can enjoy watching Sekirei seasons in their desired and native languages. These dubbed seasons are available in Amazon prime video. If the fans of this movie want to watch its earlier seasons then they also can enjoy watching the previous season from Amazon prime video.ย 

The premier and promo of Sekirei season 3:

Theย premier and promo of this season are not available yet. The filmmaker and the production house have not announced releasing its promo or any content rather the fans are very hopeful to watch its new season soon. The 3rd seasons are expected to release in the years 2021 and 2022.

The last words:

Sekireiย has the two seasons previously and they gained much profit. Fans are super excited to watch out for its 3rd season. The story revolves around a boy who catches up with a girl who is fallen from the sky. After having this girl, the girl and boy may suffer many challenges in war and battle. The fantasy creates more when the film goes on. So keep watching and reading.ย We hope you can get an idea about Sekirei Anime Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Story, and Characters.

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