Morpeko Evolution

Morpeko Evolution – Moveset, Weakness and Statistics

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Morpeko Evolution. Morpeko is the special electric type of Pokรฉmon in the Pikachu family. Basic Information, Stats, Morpeko Moveset and Weakness, Usefulness.

Morpekoย is the special type of Pokรฉmon in the Pikachu family. He has short height and chubby in physic. He is very cute and two colored Pokรฉmon in the Pikachu family. I have given a brief description of Morpeko and the evolution of Morpeko. Morpeko can be regular and shiny in forms.


Morpekoย is the name of a Pokรฉmon. He has two colors. His primary color is yellow. He loves to eat berries. He is in number #877. Also, He is known as two side Pokรฉmon. He is introduced in generation VIII. He has short form stubby eyes and two hands and feet. Also, He has the 2-almond shape of ears with fur on them. He has two pink circular cheeks on his face. However, He has a very tiny nose. He has a zigzag line that centers his body into two parts.

The right part of the body is brown and the left side of his body is black. He has the electric type of Pokรฉmon. He is also known as the dark type of Pokรฉmon. Morpeko carries so many berries in its pockets which is electrically roasted in his pockets. He has no control over his hunger. When he founds no berry for a long period then he lost his hunger control and turns his color. He changed his color from yellow to purple when he is so much hungry.

Who is Morpeko?

Morpekoย is short and chubby like Pokรฉmon. He is also famous as rodent Pokรฉmon. He is the electrical type of Pokรฉmon in the Pikachu family. However, He can change his forms according to his hunger abilities. He can switch electrically. He is normally found in a desert type of area. Also, He continuously generates electricity with the sacs on his cheeks. He always feels hungry and therefore he carries some berries with himself. The Morpeko is very adorable and has two forms. He is cute as cuddle cute in the time of โ€œfull belly modeโ€. And when he is hungry then he becomes the devil in the form.

Morpeko Evolution:

Morpeko does not evolve into other forms of Pokรฉmon because he has the electric type of Pokรฉmon. He can change his forms according to his hunger control abilities.

He has doesnโ€™t evolve in any other forms.


he has electric type Pokรฉmon.


he has hunger switch ability.

Morpeko is one of the finest type of Pokรฉmon that you can catch it very easily during the time of dynamics adventures in the crown tundra DLC region. When you wanting to catch him then should do some hard work and you should go in the max liar which gives the 100% chances of catching Pokรฉmon. He has egg groups of fields and fairy. Morpeko carries the roasted wild berries in its pockets and thinks of them as they are a very precious treasure for him. He can eat as much as he wants to eat them. He always feels get hungry all the time.

The list of Morpeko evolving is mention here:

  1. Pokedex
  2. Isle of armor
  3. Crown tundra
  4. Wild area 
  5. Tier list
  6. Move sets
  7. Team building
  8. Legendary
  9. Mystery gifts
  10. Evolution diamonds

Moves Levels of Morpeko:

Morpeko has the 14 move level. Their name and nature are mentioned in this paragraph:


1. Tailwhipย Normal

2. Thundershock electric

3. Leer normal

4. Power trip dark

5. Quick attack normal

6. Flatter Dark

7. Bite dark

8. Sparkย Electric

9. Tormentย Dark

10. Agilityย Psychic

11. Bullet seed Grass

12. Crunch dark

13. Aura wheel electric

14. Thrash normal

Is Morpeko rare?

Morpeko is rare at the rate of 5%. We can find the Morpeko on route number 7. But it is a lucky charm that they can overwhelm in over world

 spawn. And there is no chance of exclamation marks on it. 

A brief note on Morpeko Evolution:

Asย we all know about the species of Pokรฉmon which has many types and varieties. The Pikachu family has full of versatile Pokรฉmon which have their different names and their types. But the Morpeko has its variety. He does not evolve which means he does not change by himself. Also, He produces electricity by eating wild berries. He cannot control his hunger. He changed his forms when he becomes very hungry. Also, He is known as two-sided Pokรฉmon. His primary color is yellow. When he has no control over his hunger then he becomes the wild type of Pokรฉmon. He turns the purple color and becomes a devil. He behaves like a devil. Then he does evil deeds with others. He can attack their opponents by producing electric shocks. He gives them an electric attack.ย 

Sword and shield:

Morpeko sword and shield is an electric and dark type. Which makes the Morpeko weak against the many factors like Ground, Fighting, Bug, and fairy. We can easily find and catch the Pokรฉmon in route number 7 with a 5% chance of all conditions and every type of weather. The max IV stats of Morpeko is 58 in HP, 95 on attacks, and 70 SP attacks. The Morpeko can evolve its sword and shield in defense mode which is 58 SP and 97 in speed.

Morpeko weakness:

Morpekoย can be weak against the many type and factors. Also, Morpeko can be weak against the ground, fighting, bug, and fairy types. They can be less weak against the flying, steel, electric, and ghost, and dark type. They can be less weak against the psychic type of Pokรฉmon. We can find the morpeko and raids on them in the locations of Giantโ€™s Mirror, the lake of outrage, Most stoke riverbank.

Morpeko sword entry:

As all, we know that morpeko eats the wild roasted berries and he can store the berries in its pockets like pouches. This type of Pokรฉmon in the Pikachu family feels hungry every time. Morpeko always generates electricity.

Morpeko shield entry:

However, Morpekoย shields the roasted berries against his enemies and other forms of pokemon.

The last note on Morpeko Evolution:

The last note in my article is that this type of pokemon cannot evolve with any other type of form as they produce electricity.

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