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Susanville Fire Department California – Facilities and Services, All features

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Susanville Fire Department California. Location, Map details, Facilities, Services, Special features of Susanville County Fire. Itย is a fire station which is situated in Susanville fire in California.ย 


Itย is the fire station which is built in 1974. This idea comes to when the Susanville district manager and the Lassan national forest supervisor had to think to combined both departments and build a strong department for the city. Then this department had come to establish a fire department for the city of California. Earlier it was known as the CAL-FIRE. But the local districts had top thought to make it is a super and strong department of forest and local areas.

In the early days of this department, most of the young boys who are volunteering come and joined up the forest department. There are approximately 20 or more boys who joined this department. There is in a typical year, the fire department has responded the 9,000 emergency phone calls and then they provided instant services to them.ย 

Location and map details of Susanville fire department:

Theย location of the Susanville county fire can be googled easily all over the world. It can be found easily on the map. It is can be found on their website as well. The main address of the Susanville fire department is mentioned here:ย 

1505 main St, Susanville CA 96130, United States Of America. 

Their contact number is also found in the google search engine. But we are writing the telephone and helpline number here:

+1 530-257-5152

In case of any emergency, you can dial this number: 911

Facilities and services of Susanville fire department:

Theย Susanville fire department provides many facilities and services to their local public and all the forestry departments. The fire department is now more upgrade and has the advanced technologies and gadgets for watering on the fire and any causality happened there.ย 

If there is any mishap happen there in the residential areas of Susanville city then the fire department is active instantly and has come for providing their best services to the incident areas. The fire department has very expert male and female staff for rescuing purposes. The rescue staff is very active and steady in their work in the Susan Ville fire department. They have dedicated staff and rescue members in Susanville city and the department.

If anyone from Susanville city, wants to become a volunteer then he should come to the Susanville fire department in the Susan Ville city and picked an application form there and fill it up carefully. Then the fire department processed your application and will inform you after a couple of weeks.ย 

The special feature of Susanville County fire:

Theย special feature of the SusanVille fire department is mention here in this paragraph.ย 

They are provided the best rescue team with the best quality rescued equipment. The rescue team is very professional and active in every situation they did not get any panic from any mishap and any accident. 

The rescued team is ready every time to the cop of many challenges. The rescued team is very proficient and professional in their work as well. 

If any forest got a fire in their woods or trees then they have the best equipment to put off the fire and have also the latest technologies for cooling the fire in the vast forest areas and the locations. The Susan Ville fire department is the best in the United States of America. 

Some home and sleeping areas precautions and advisory from the Susanville Fire department:

1 Weย should very good care with our lifestyle even when our children are alone and even we are alone in our homes and houses during the use of any fire.ย 

2 We should follow some measures to prevent any mishap and any accident related to the fire.

3 We should never leave the kitchen and the stoves unattended as well.

4 We should keep our stoves and the oven very clean in all manner.

5 We should wear close-fitting t-shirts and clothes while cooking in the kitchen.ย 

6 We should not hang any kind of curtains near the stove and the burner.

7 We should not hang any handkerchief over the stove in the kitchen.

8 We should follow some basic and wise deed for saving our children in the kitchen. We should tackle the all pots handle moved to the other side so that the children donโ€™t dare to try or pulled that pots while cooking on the stove.ย 

9 We should never leave the potholders and lids on the stove.

10 We should never use the water when the stove is greased with oil.ย ย 

11 We should never use any smoke in our living areas or inside the bedrooms.

12 We should do such a big task that is we should store the paint and other flammable liquids in their original labeled tins or container so that they might not catch the fire.ย 

13 We should remove the trash from our sweet home as soon as possible as it might be caught any kind of flame or fire.ย 

The last words:

Even if one of us has faced a fire burning accident in the house or outside the house then he should immediately contact the fire station and tell all the situation. Do not put off the fire with any inflammable liquids or instruments. We should take care of our home and our young ones also beloved ones with all these precautions advisory and also keep remind the number of emergency of Susanville fire department that is 9-1-1.ย 

Theย Susanville county fire is the most upgraded and having advanced technologies and types of equipment. This is the best fire station which is located in the Susan Ville city of United States of America. The rescue officer is very well traine and has the full knowledge of controlling all kinds of situations and accidents. The Susanville fire has the emergency dialed number is 9-1-1. Hence the Susanville has the top-rated fire department and forestry. The fire department is also providing the facility of becoming a member of the rescued officer voluntarily.ย 

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