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Wotakoi Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Story, and Characters

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Wotakoi Season 2(Love is Hard for Otaku Season 2) Official Release date is not Announced yet due to Covid -19 But expect in Spring 2022. Wotakoiย season 2 is the most popular and famous anime series on the internet. It is also known as love is Hard for Otaku.ย 

Introduction of Wotakoi season 2(love is hard for otaku season 2):

Wotakoi is a Japanese comedy anime series. It is a television series. It is romantic comedy anime series for the Japanese people. This is also known as the Japanese name as โ€œWotakoi ni Koi Wa Muzukashiiโ€. It is based on the manga series. It has the same name as in the manga series. This Wotakoi has been written by a famous manga series writer and author named Fujita.

This story has been illustrated by Fujita. This manga series named Wotakoi season 2 has been published on the date of 17th April of 2014. This date has been saved for publishing the many novels of this series. Once a year, it is thought by someone that this series will be made as anime series for the TV series and networks.

The first season of Wotakoi season 1 has been published on the date of 13th of April 2018. It becomes very famous and popular at that time among all ages of the people. Then fans want to have watched its second season but there is no confirmed news yet. In this article, we are giving a brief detail about all the information of Wotakoi season 2 and describe all the related data and information about the Wotakoi season 2. 

Wotakoi Season 2 Release Date:

Wotakoi Season 2

The Wotakoi season 1 has a good spell on the viewerโ€™s heart and brain. This becomes very famous and popular among all the people of Japan. This series also becomes very trending all over the world. Wotakoi season 1 has 11 episodes. This season 1 is published on the date of 13th of April in 2018. This series has been continued 22nd of June in 2018. This year was also published the OVA (original video animation).

This special video has been published on this date and the year 2018. But the Wotakoi ni koi wa Muzukashii was released on the 29th of march in the 2019 year. The fans are very delighted and cherished after watching this series on the TV and over the Internet. But there is no confirmed news about the release of season 2. The fans are watching season 2. But there is no confirmed date of releasing the seasonn2. But there is no lead in broadcasting or releasing the Wotakoi season 2.

The fans are super exciting to hear the news of airing the Wotakoi season 2. The movie maker and the anime maker having the hope of making the season 2 soon. But as we all know that this was based on the manga series so there is a big hope of making the second version of this series. The new season 2 has also published many novels related to this manga series. From publishing the novels of the series has a hew hope of making or airing the new season of Wotakoi season 2. The love is hard for otaku season 2 has been released in the year 2021 or 2022. But there is no confirmed date for airing this show. 

Characters and their role in Wotakoi season 2:

Wotakoi season 21 has many famous characters and roles. But the movie maker also uses some of the famous and main characters of this series and the new series or season 2. There are 4 main characters and the role is playing in the anime series 1. The love is hard for Otaku season 1 has the number of characters. The main characters and their name or some famous qualities are featured in this article. 

1: Narumi Momose:

Narumi Momose Wotakoi Season 2

This is the main female character of this Wotakoi season 1 and Would be appearing in love is hard for otaku season 2. She is the protagonist type of character. She is 26 years old girl and she has very fond of reading or watching manga series. Also, She is fond of many genres and then she is showing her obsession and love male to male. She likes to have a romance with the male-male relationship. She does not show her interest of male to male love and hide from everyone. But her best friend which is also her childhood friend has been to start dating the two in this series. 

2: Hirotaka Nifuji:

Hirotaka Nifuji Wotakoi Season 2

Hirotaka is the very big main lead character of this anime series in Wotakoi Season 2. He is also 26 years old boy and he is also a protagonist male of this series. His name is also an otaku. He is fond of playing video games. He has the first-person sucker of this manga series. Also, He has had an obsession with fighting movies and shooting movies. Hirotaka always wishes to live with Narumi and he thinks that they both have the perfect match for the rest of life. But he also faces many issues with her and never built a healthy relationship with her in this series. 

3: Tarou Kabakura:

Tarou Kabakura Wotakoi Season 2

Tarou kabakura is another main character of this series or show. He is older than both of the above characters. Narumi and Hirotaka are working in the same office where Tarou is also working. He has the looking of mature look in this series. He is the only one who loves all the manga characters of this series. 

Where we can find the subtitle and dubbed version of this series:

We can found the subtitle and dubbed version of this anime comedy and romantic series on Amazon prime. Where we can easily found the original language of this series and there we can easily found the English subtitle of this anime series. 

The last words:

The last words of this article are much summarized and have a look at all the details and information about all the seasons and episodes of Wotakoi season 1 and 2. Wotakoi season 2 is not revealed yet now but there is a hope of broadcasting and publishing this anime series in the years 2021 and 2022. love is hard for otaku season 2 is the preloved season for the fans of this year. After reading this article you can get an idea about Wotakoi Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Story, and Characters.

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