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Faith Lianneย is a native American Instagram model and media platform celebrity. She gained much attention through Instagram, where she uploaded her stunning photographs. On Instagram, she has added more than 2 million followers. Amuse yourself and learn more about her stature, years, biography, wiki, net capital, boyfriend and significance, body sizes, and more. She also has family and additional.

Faith Lianneย came from an American family. The date of birth is December 26, 2002. Equally important, She was born in the United States. She attended a private school she attended located in the city of her birth. There isn’t any information on her qualifications for education.

Her ethnicity is Italian-Albanian. Her marital status is not married, and she is currently single. However, she hasn’t posted any information regarding her relations or parents on the web. If we locate this information, we’ll inform you.

Real Name: Faith Lianne

Nickname: Faith

Profession: Instagram model & fashionist

Age:  19 [as of 2021]

Date of Birth: December 26, 2002

Birthplace: United States

Hometown:  United States

Zodiac Sign:  Capricorn

Nationality: American

Religion:  Christianity

College:  Not Known

Hobbies:  Traveling

Famous for:  Uploading photos on Instagram

Lifetime, Tallness & Major:

Faith Lianne

As of 2021, Faith Lianne‘s age is 19. She stands 5’4 inches tall and weighs about 55kg. In addition, she has blonde hair and brown eyes. She is 32-25-35 inches tall. And the size of her shoes is 6. (US).

Faith Lianne profession:

Faith Lianneย began her voyage to become a trendsetter through Instagram, where she set up a profile with the login name @imfaithxo. Her first shared post on her Instagram was posted in March 2020. Her stunning photos attracted the attention of a lot of users, and she was able to gain many followers via the site. She presently tracks 2.5 million supporters, whereas she has only 376 admirers. It is, nonetheless, assumed that she’s been active on Instagram for quite a while.

In addition, she has an exclusive fans account that allows individuals to subscribe to the premium service. You can sign up for her for 15 dollars per four weeks. The number of people subscribed to her is since it’s not disclosed. We do know she earns a decent amount through the forum.


She’s a fitness enthusiast and goes to the gym frequently.

She is fond of sightseeing and has been to many places in the US.

Her net worth of her is evaluated at $650,000. Her primary sources of earnings include choice subscriptions, sponsorships, and other premium subscriptions.

She also has a Tiktok account, with just 34k followers and a total of 84k hearts. The reason why she has less number of followers is she’s very nonfunctioning on the platform.

In contrast to other Social Media inspirations, this one also has her own YouTube channel and has tweeted that she would like to create live streamlets.

She is a spokesperson for a variety of labels of fashion, together with GymShark.

She was on Twitter in November 2020 and has acquired over 60k followers.

 Faith Lianne, 19 years old, is talking about how the sexually explicit adult site enabled her to forge an unanticipated connection with her parents one year after she was kicked out of their home.

In March, the Floridian quit college to pursue a career path shared by many people today: sharing risquรฉ images on OnlyFans.

ย Asย Faith Lianneย is of the view, ” These days, being a graduate seems so gloomy with no guarantees that you’ll get a successful job,” during a discussion with Jam Press. She didn’t arrive from a wealthy family, and she didn’t want to start her life with debt from student loans.

The child sat down with her mother and dad in the kitchen to discuss her adult version of traditional schooling, and the two exasperated — and then gave her the boot.

She tried to explain to them that having a degree no longer correlates to the victory it did when they were more youthful, Lianne explained. But her parents gave me an injunction: restart studying or not live under their shelter.

Faith Lianne‘s mother, who requested her name not be disclosed due to privacy grounds, made a statement clarifying her reasons for being so angry that her daughter opted to abandon her education.

I was shattered when Faith Lianne said she dropped out of college, the mother crank, 48 years old, said. “I ponder she would have a job not sounder than a clerk somewhere, as that was my truth when I didn’t follow college myself.”

She quit her home with her family and then proceeded to live with her brother, whom she claims were “supportive” of her lusty new venture.

Faith Lianne has more than 4.8 trillion followers on Instagram, counting Snoop Dogg and Tyga. Then, her OnlyFans began to explode in favor, and she accumulated tens of thousands of pay subscribers. Through this, Lianne has collected more than $1 million.

“I purchased a new house for $800,000 and got myself a Rolex, YSL, and Gucci purses, and a Louis Vuitton bag,” she boasted. “I also pay approximately 1,000 dollars every fortnight on new clothes to post on Instagram or OnlyFans photos.

In recent weeks the star’s parents have embraced their daughter’s unusual career choices -in addition, they have moved into her new home with a luxurious interior.

Faith Lianne is also helping her elderly parents with bread and butter. She has become more connected than ever to her brother, who is currently her manager.

And she says she is not regretting leaving the institute and is confident about her time ahead.

“I appreciate that OnlyFans has permitted me to provide this lifestyle,” she said. “The intention is to make this my major line of labor for as long as possible.”

In addition, she has a unique account for fans where users can sign up for the premium service. She can subscribe to her assistance by paying 15 dollars per month. The number of subscribers to her isn’t known as it’s hidden. We do know she earns a decent amount through the platform.

Some major Facts:

  • She’s a fitness enthusiast and works out often.
  • She admires travel and has traveled to many locations across the US.
  • She has a net price ofย about $650,000ย (calculated). Her primary sources of income are premium subscriptions, sponsorships, and other sources.
  • She also has a Tiktok account, with just 34k followers but 84k hearts. She has fewer followers because she’s not active on this social media platform.
  • In contrast to other Instagram influencers and social media stars, she does not possess a channel on YouTube.
  • She is a spokesperson for a variety of fashion brands including GymShark.
  • She only signed up on Twitter in November 2020 and has attracted more than 60k followers.

Faith Lianne, also known as Imfaithxo is Imfaithxo is an American TikToker model, style ideal, and popular social media user. The internet adored her for the popularity of her Instagram profile, on which she showcased her stunning and attractive images, continually wearing bikinis and swimming suits. Her net worth is approximateโ€”$ 1.5million.ย 

Faith Lianne’s life story:

She is a renowned TikTok model and star born in Florida, United States, on December 26, 2002. Her sign of the cross is American. Her educational stage is not known to us.

Since her childhood, Lianne has had a fascination with modeling and style. She chose to aspire to a career in modeling after gaining more attraction in the field with time. She is looking for a medium to start her modeling profession. Right this moment, Instagram is the most suitable platform to model. So the model was a part of Instagram in March 2020. She began publicizing her curvaceous, secure, attractive photos with modeling posts. Within a short time, the bases grew and permitted her to gain a following on the social media platform.

Lianne is also involved on the Onlyfans platform under her login name. Lianne claims unique content as well as responses to private letters.

Profession Model TikTok Star and Instagram celebrity:

Faith Lianne

Faith Lianne is wearing a white crop top and purple leggings while gazing at the camera

Her Age:

Faith was born in the year 2002. Therefore, in 2022 she will be 20 years older. Her zodiac sign of the day is Capricorn, and she has American citizenship.

Faith Lianne stature and poundage:

Lianne weighs in at 60 lbs and stands 5’7 inches tall. Her body measurements are 34 in her chest, 29 in 29 inches on the waist, and 36 on her hips. Lianne has a curly and attractive physique. The blonde locks and gorgeous brown eyes are a perfect match for her.

Faith Lianne Instagram:

She started Instagram in January 2013. She now has more than 5.2 million followers, with 120 + posts. The youthful star uploads enticing, hot bikini-wear pictures and videos to attract the attention of her fans. There’s also an additional account (under the username @faithLiannee) with 1.9 million subscribers and more than 136 posts. In addition to the money she earns, Faith earns money from affiliate marketing and sponsored posts. Through Instagram, she also promotes brands and products. Faith has collaborated with a few major brands, including Fashion Nova and Boohoo.

Faith Lianne TikTok:

Apart from Instagram, Lianne is also an exceptionally well-known TikTok celebrity. For a long time, she’s been very active on TikTok. Millions of people have viewed lip-sync, dancing, modeling, and glamour videos on TikTok. Today, she has 3.4 million fans, 149.5 million likes, and a 20 percent average attention rate.

Faith Lianne Twitter:

She joined Instagram in November 2020. The young lady has more than 299k followers and more than 180 tweets. At the same time, She shares attractive pictures of her latest style.

Faith Lianne, dressed in white a full-sleeved white shirt with reformation jeans, sporting a black scrunchie while sitting on a stool.

Faith Lianne Family / Siblings / Parents:

Lianne was born into the context of a Christian Middle-class household in the United States. The names of her parents are not public. Because Lianne is very private about her life, we do not know much about her relatives.

Faith Lianne Boyfriend / Husband / Married:

Lianne has always kept her relationship with her husband to a minimum. It is possible to conclude that she’s single and determined to build her profession.


She has two Instagram accounts. One of which is an account that is a backup. She has shared content for 18+ via her Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The star is also a fitness addict and mindful of her diet.

She enjoys taking an adventure with her friends and discovering her most loved destinations.

Faith Lianne’s Net Worth:

Based on our research and online sources, Lianne’s calculated Net worth stands at $1.5 million. Modeling, label endorsements, and social media are the principal sources of income.

Additionally, she acquires money from the Onlyfans page. She gives her fans to enjoy a free 30-day subscription. For three months of membership: $16.50, or for six months: $33.

In 2021, her net worth was around $2 million.

The figure is mainly due to her role as a social media influencer. She has more than two million fans.

Social Media:

Instagram: @imfaithxo

Twitter: @faithLiannee

TikTok: @faithieeanne

Telegram: Not Known

Reddit: Not Known

YouTube: Not Known

Favorite Clothes and Jewelry:

The stunning model can be found in everyday wear with a sexy jumpsuit backless crop top with shorts. And a stripped mini crop top with printed shorts and lingerie, a mini crop top with matching bottoms and mini crop top with fitting leggings, a full sleeves crop t-shirt and shorts, a striped top that has a brief skirt, a fancy crop top with new jeans, mini crop top with shorts made of denim, a printed normal-length top, and panty, as well as Nike T-shirt with shorts.

As we saw on her Instagram posts, The young actress likes to sport a bikini and cut-out swimwear from top labels to swim. The actress doesn’t wear fancy dresses; however, she thinks they are appropriate for occasions like weddings and parties.

Concerning the jewelry, Lianne opts for an essential chain necklace with studs, rings, and hoops.

Five Reasons to Observe Faith Lianne:

She handles her study and work. Because of her incredible fashion sense, she has become an ideal teen role model.

Her Instagram is filled with bikini pics because she’s a fan of bikinis.

The woman uploads content daily for her followers through various social media accounts, including Instagram and Twitter.

She has her sexy content on adult websites like Onlyfans.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Who is Faith Lianne?

She is a popular Instagram model, star, TikToker, and social media influencer. As she gains more recognition as a TikTok model and celebrity, she is the face of digital broadcast and a brand spokesperson for various brands. Her sign is Capricorn. The girl was born in Florida, United States.

Does she have a boyfriend?

She is not single.

What is her age?

As of 2022, She is 20 years mature.

What happens when this fashionist celebrates her birthday?

The birthday falls on December 26.

What is the significance of her zodiac?

Her zodiac signification is Capricorn.

What is the height of this celebrity?

She is 5’7′ tall.

 Where is she, Belong?

She is from the Florida, United States.

What is her net worth?

Her net worth is approximateโ€”$ 1.5 million.

What about her car collection? or Does she own a car?

She has a luxurious car.

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