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This isn’t merely the first time Marissa has found something in a long time. Nintendo effectively sued Digital Princess, who used the online handle Pokeprincess, for copyright infringement. She has since appeared in a fresh performance. Her fans have been seeking precise answers.

Following the heartbreaking video of Digital Princess’ child, people have taken a keen interest in the boy. It has entirely out of worry for his well-being while remaining with his mother.

Now six years old, the child resulted from her unintended pregnancy when she was nineteen. Onyx is the boy’s name, named after a Pokemon character (she is a Pokemon lover, it turns out), and she is his lone parent.

Her boyfriend at the time, had persuaded her to have the baby. But things between them did not improve after that. As he continued to cheat on her even while she was pregnant. Even after Onyx was born. As a result of the child’s custody battles, which she allegedly won. She turned to make online content as a source of income.


A mugshot of Marissa near presumed court records circulated the internet on August 27. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office allegedly revealed some of the details in the post.

It is said that her catch was the result of youthful irresponsibility. Marissa was also conveyed around the same time, according to the image. People have been commenting on the piece since it was published. While, a few have shared their thoughts.

Simultaneously, a few supporters have attempted to have her ‘dropped’ while mentioning more explanations.


After the post went viral, Marissa made all her electronic media accounts private. Regardless, she had shared a TikTok video that shed some light on the situation.

Marissa said she had been caught nevertheless, proving that not everything on the internet is true. “Howdy people, “Digital Princess remarked” I expected to come on here and say I see your comments, I see your inclinations.” I’m doing everything I can to prevent concealing or avoiding the matter. For those of you who recognize how authentic stuff can be, I am merely permitted to state as much.”

“I know there are a lot of things being posted on the web. She continued, Lot of them are false and have nothing to do with the current issue,”

“I can’t say fundamentally more,” The she concluded the post. She said, I fundamentally need to express my gratitude to everyone who has helped me and supported me in any way. Thank you so much, parents.”

Why Was Nintendo Suing the Tik Tok Star?

Marissa revealed in October 2020 that she planned to reinvent herself as Digital Princess due to Nintendo’s opposition to her using the moniker poker princess. Nintendo’s Pokemon foundation pushed her username, according to Game Rant.

She’d begun to sell stock ward on the same basis. Pokemon had also stirred up a portion of her goods. Nintendo gave her a stop and start a few months later because the association didn’t need people to believe they were collaborating.

After the matter was ultimately resolved, the energetic substance producer chose to revamp her internet media presence.

What’s the big deal about Digital Princess?

Even though she has been in the spotlight for some time. Her appearances on the internet have not garnered any attention. The recent lawsuit against her generates a ruckus; child abuse is to blame. Scandal sells better and travels further in this era of the world than the most special virtue.

Digital princess, a TikTok star, was jailed in Florida for child neglect.

After accusing for child neglect, this social media celebrity with millions of followers is in deep water with the law.

According to a Fort Myers Police Department report, they arrested and charged Marrissa with child neglect on August 25. Neighbors discovered her 5-year-old son crying alone outside her Florida home.

According to USA Today network publication News-Press, officers walked inside Cloutier’s home. He dialed her phone number after finding it on a form. She originally told the authorities that she had merely gone to a 7-Eleven. Digital princess get laundry detergent there, after putting her son to bed because she didn’t have someone to babysit him. However, she had no receipt for a half-empty detergent container when she came home. According to the report, she dressed a little black with heavy makeup, which officers thought was “not conducive to a late-night excursion to a convenience shop,” according to the report.

Cloutier revealed she was meeting with a friend 11 miles away. After reading her Miranda right, her mother, aunt and cousin all live close. According to Insider, she said she’d “made a mistake”. Because her home didn’t have any cameras. through which she could monitor.

The Couch Guy Video Has Obsessed TikTok

Shortly after publishing the video, She erased it and went dark online. Make her social media profiles private. The charge of Neglect of a Child Without Great Bodily Harm eventually dismissed “due to a lack of evidence” to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

Digital princess made an unexpected comeback to TikTok a few weeks later with a video. It sparked substantial debate.

The star appeared to poke fun at specific facts in the police report in the digital princess TikTok come back video. According to the police report, the digital princess said she left her son alone. She went to a local 7-Eleven to buy laundry detergent. As a result, the digital princess was dancing in front of a 7-Eleven convenience shop in the follow-up video. The police complaint had described that she had woren black dress. She appeared in the return video in the same attire.

In her TikTok home coming video, the digital princess also stated that she would state the incident on Friday, October 22. Then digital princess indicated that her statement would arrive on October 22.

ET and that she would need to subscribe to her only fans account. This generated widespread uproar on social media. Many were blaming the Tik-Tok celebrity for trying to profit from the incident.

However, the digital princess message was never public since she deactivated her account. It’s unknown why this happened. Although it is conceivable. It had something to do with individuals reporting it in large numbers.

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