Why You Should Invest in Sandals With Arch Support

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Sandals with arch support are essential to your spring and summer wardrobe. They’re comfortable and easy to slip on, but they provide more than just extra padding for your feet.

They also help prevent problems like plantar fasciitis and other chronic foot issues. Read on to learn why podiatrists recommend investing in sandals with arch support.

They Keep Your Feet Healthy

Foot arch support helps to maintain proper foot posture and reduce the incidence of issues like plantar fasciitis and heel pain. Best sandals with arch support also help absorb each step’s impact, which protects your feet from additional stress and pain.

In addition, foot arch support distributes and diffuses pressure so that the weight of your feet is evenly distributed across the bottom of the shoe. This allows you to walk longer distances without feeling the pressure of your weight being concentrated in the heels or balls of your feet, which can lead to various problems, including pain, swelling, and damage to tendons, ligaments, and bunions.

Your feet are a feedback loop with the rest of your body: They impact how your lower body and pelvis sit on your legs, hips, and back and how your arms and hands move. When your feet aren’t support properly, it can throw off the alignment of your whole body. Sandals with foot arch support prevent your feet from tilting inwards, which can cause strain on the muscles and joints of your ankles, legs, and lower back.

When choosing a pair of sandals with arch support, look for ones made from soft materials and a thick cushioning midsole for shock absorption. These will better protect your feet from the impact of walking and running and make your shoes more comfortable.

They Prevent Pain

Unlike flip-flops, sandals with arch support can cradle and support your feet to prevent pain. A foot expert explains that walking in flimsy, unsupportive footwear can put too much pressure on your feet, leading to issues like plantar fasciitis and stabbing pain on the bottom of your heel and foot.

The right pair of sandals can provide the stability and comfort to keep going all day, even after a full day on your feet. When looking for sandals, you should choose a material that’s soft and durable enough to support the arches of your feet. The ideal material is firm enough to provide stability without feeling rigid. She recommends trying multiple pairs of sandals to see which fits your style preferences.

Sandals with solid arch support can also help you if you’re dealing with rheumatoid arthritis since they minimize pressure on your joints. People who work with their feet, such as dancers or acrobats, can also benefit from sandals with arch support, as they help prevent the painful overuse injuries that can happen from repeated movements in ill-fitting shoes. To find a pair that’s a good fit, consider getting a custom orthotic made by your podiatrist; or shoe specialist to give you extra support and cushioning.

They Help You Walk Longer

Sandals with arch support shift the maximum weight placed on your feet from the heel and ball of your foot to your arches. This helps to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and prevent conditions like plantar fasciitis.

Suitable sandals can also help you walk longer and more comfortably. The best teams feature cushioning, adjustability, and stability features, such as a strap around the ankle or deep heel cup to prevent slippage. They’re ideal for people who spend long days on their feet, including nurses, travelers, and service industry professionals.

If you’re considering sandals with arch support, look for a design that offers a contoured footbed that matches the shape of your foot. This will keep your foot in its natural alignment, says podiatrist.

Flat feet typically have other foot issues, such as overpronation and bunions, so choosing the right shoes is important. Enhanced arch support is essential, but flimsy or unstructured designs only exacerbate the pain and discomfort. The best sandals for flat feet offer built-in arch support and a rigid, stable structure to provide support, flexibility, and cushioning.

They Keep You Active

In addition to providing comfort, sandals with arch support can help you stay active throughout the summer. Instead of wearing flip-flops with little to no stability and can easily cause heel pain, sprained ankles, or blisters, choose sandals built for walking or hiking. Many of the sandals on this list have a molded footbed, plenty of cushioning, and even a grippy sole that will keep you stable as you walk through sandy beaches or rugged hiking trails.

You’ll also want to look for a sandal with enough arch support to prevent the stabbing pains along the bottom of your foot, known as plantar fasciitis. She recommends choosing a sandal that’s “padded but not pillowy” and a shoe that’s easy to clean (such as leather) to find the right pair for you.

Suppose you need help determining where to start when shopping for a sandal with proper arch support.

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