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Tatuajes are getting increasingly popular all around the world. Tattoo artists have developed a wide range of techniques and styles, trying to respond to a wide range of interests. The traditional designs on the arms of the past are no longer necessary. For those looking for a light and silent tattoo, a basic design has emerged.

If you meet that condition and have been wishing to make a unique and small design in an inconspicuous spot for some time, the wrist might be in the right place.

In general, how long does a Tatuajes take to heal?

The outer layer of skin (the visible part) usually heals in 2 to 3 weeks after receiving a tattoo. Although the tattoo appears to be cured, the skin beneath it takes up to six months to fully heal.

Tatuajes healing stages

Tattoo healing phases are divided into four distinct stages, with each stage requiring slightly different tattoo care.

Week 1

Typically, the first stage lasts from the first to the sixth day. As your body responds to the injury, you may notice redness, leaking, slight inflammation or swelling, or a burning sensation.

Week 2

Irritation and burning are possible throughout this time. Flaky skin is not an issue. It’s a normal reaction, and the ink will stay put even if some of it comes off.

It is not advisable to scratch or pick at the patches. A Tatuajes artist or doctor may recommend a moisturizer to keep the skin around the tattoo hydrated and relieve itching.

Week 3 and 4

After your Tatuajes have dried, the burning should go away. The Tatuajes may become infected if the redness continues. Because a layer of dry skin has formed over your tattoo, it may appear less colorful than planned.

This will naturally peel away, revealing the colorful tattoo beneath. To avoid scars, resist the impulse to pick or scrape.

How do you get a Tatuajes?

A tattoo is a permanent mark or design on the skin that is made by injecting pigments into the top layer of the skin. To penetrate the skin with one or more needles, the tattoo artist typically utilizes a hand-held machine that resembles a sewing machine. The needles discharge little droplets of ink with each puncture.

Shapes of Tatuajes

Small flower wrist Tatuajes

One of the most popular wrist Tatuajes ideas is flowers. You should keep in mind that this is a highly noticeable location, therefore if you want subtle Tatuajes, produce a small and harmonious drawing. Depending on your preferences, you can create a variety of styles and shapes.

Wrist Tatuajes with small hearts

The heart, which represents a global symbol with hundreds of variations, is another of the most classic patterns for a tattoo on the wrists of men and women. A secure bet ranges from a simple heart silhouette to a progressive row, passing through the most classic forms.

Wrist Tatuajes of little crosses

Crosses are another of the most powerful tattoo designs available. There are even those who acquire these Tatuajes merely for fashion reasons, regardless of their religious views.

Most people, however, regard it to be a spiritual emblem. It’s a perfect design for a small Tatuajes on the wrist on either a woman’s or a man’s side, thanks to its straight outlines. Furthermore, you can produce the design by elongating the forearm and narrowing the wrist to create the shape of a Latin cross.

Wrist tattoos with phrases

If we want our small wrist Tatuajes to have meaning, nothing is more explicit than writing it. This area of the body is great for writing any phrase or word with which you are familiar. “True,” “Love,” or “Pace,” for example, are wrist Tatuajes with brief words and profound meanings that precisely fit the wrist’s space.

Understand the dangers

Because Tatuajes penetrate the skin, they can cause skin infections and other problems, such as:

Reactions to irritants

Tatuajes pigments, especially those in the colors red, green, yellow, and blue, can cause allergic skin reactions like an itchy rash at the Tatuajes site.

Various skin problems

A granuloma is an inflammation that can develop around a tattoo

ink. Blister elevates regions created by an expansion of scar tissue generated by tattooing.

Blood-borne diseases

You can get bloodborne infections such as multidrug Staph (MRSA), hepatitis B, and hepatitis C if the equipment used to produce your tattoo is contaminated with infected blood.

Complications associated with MRI

During magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) tests, tattoos or permanent cosmetics may cause swelling or burning in the affected areas during magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) tests. Tattoo pigments may affect image quality in rare cases.

You may need medicine or other therapy if you have an allergic reaction to the tattoo ink or develop an infection or other skin problems around a tattoo.

Tips for making a Tatuajes

  • Get a tattoo from a reputable, licensed shop. Tattoo standards and requirements differ by state, so check with your local health authority for the most up-to-date information.
  • If the shop shows signs of inadequate hygiene, find another location. Between customers, work surfaces, seats, and non-disposable equipment must be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized.
  • Before beginning the technique, ensure your artist is wearing new gloves and washing their hands.
  • Make sure you watch your artist take needles out of a brand-new, sealed container. 
  • Before the tattooing, the tattooed region should be swabbed with a disinfectant, such as rubbing alcohol.
  • Clean gauze or a bandage should be used to cover the new tattoo. Care for newly tattooed skin according to the artist’s guidelines


The outer layer of skin should appear healed within 2 to 3 weeks of having a new tattoo. On the other hand, the recovery process can take up to six months.

Daily cleaning, ointment, or moisturizer continues for at least this long to avoid infection or other complications.


Getting a Tatuajes is both an exciting and terrifying experience. You have a lot of questions, and your worries may keep you from getting answers. It may be more challenging for someone who does not have any inked buddies.

How much will it cost?

You get what you pay for when it comes to Tatuajes. Yes, there are plenty of tattoo artists who will work for very little money. Never bargain about the cost of a tattoo. It’s an insult to the artist. Consider it this way: This is a work of art that you will wear for the rest of your life.

Is Getting A Tattoos Painful?

This is the most often asked question among individuals considering getting a tattoo. This is because they have witnessed individuals piercing someone’s skin with a needle. This instills in them a fear of pain. We’re not going to give you false hope. It hurts a little, but how much depends on your pain threshold.

It also depends on the tattooed area, such as the inside of the arms, ankles, or outside shoulders. Some people who have had tattoos describe the experience as a burning scratching sensation. They have the potential to induce skin allergies.

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