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Juliette Michele is a well-known online celebrity who is most known for sharing cosplay and artistic photos and videos. The “Bishoujomom” is a nickname for her. She portrays an imaginary mother in cosplay and online. She is referred to as; a dream mother.

Also, as a result, the well-known name in online media has Gathered a sizable following through online media. He frequently publishes on Instagram. She sells products through Onlyfans. Also, as a result, the online media VIP has gathered a sizable following. He primarily updates Instagram. She sells products on her website and through Onlyfans.

Bishoujomom is a well-known cosplayer and creator of innovative images and videos on social media.

Why is cosplay so fascinating? The appeal of cosplay Bishoujomom.


1- Fandom:

You may use it to show how much you adore a particular anime, manga, or video game series. Also, You find yourself wanting to dress up as one of the characters because you love the world the author built. It’s a homage.

2- Escapism:

Even for a single day at an anime convention, stepping away from reality may be enjoyable, and losing yourself in the world of anime, manga, or video games. Altogether, For a while can assume another identity.

3- Attention:

Fantastic cosplayers gather large groups of convention attendees; are photographed by many photographers, and get much praise. It’s endearing.

4- Belonging:

There is a feeling of camaraderie when you pass by other cosplayers at a conference and realize that you have similar interests. People are often lovely, making eye contact, grinning when they recognize your character, and asking to take photographs.

5- Craftsmanship:

Some people find the planning and costume-making process to be gratifying. Building weapons, stitching, and creating armor may be enjoyable pastimes. However, no one is certain of her age. Looking at her most recent photos, she appears to be in her 30s.


Real name: Julianna Michele

Famous/ Professional name: Bishoujomom

Gender: Female

Nationality: American

Profession: An influencer in the social media profession

Instagram @thejuliettemichele

Doesn’t yet have a biography on Wikipedia. However, her profile is already available on a few web-based interface sites.

Juliette, orย Bishoujomom; is well known for her fantastic body impressions. On her Instagram page, she displays her bizarre bends. Her height is around 1.6 meters.

Related to Relationships Bishoujomom:


Fortunately for you all, she appears to be single at the Moment concerning her accomplice. As of late, she hasn’t been seen by anyone. She doesn’t seem to be dating anyone.

Ten Juliette Michele/Bishoujomom-related attributes:

Online media influencer Juliette Michele, popularly known as Bishoujomom, is prominent for cosplay and taking artistic photos and videos.

The age of the woman, though, is unknown. Glancing at her most current photos, she seems to be in her 30s.

doesn’t yet have a Wikipedia memoir. However; her profile is already written on a few web interface sites.

Additionally, Juliette/Bishoujomomย has been admired for her solely flattering body assessments. On her Instagram page, she displays her bizarre bends. Her height is around 1.6 meters.

Fortunately for you guys, she appears to be single at the moment with her accomplice. However, As of not long ago, she hasn’t been seen by anyone. She doesn’t seem to have a romantic partner.

Bishoujomom became well-liked thanks to Instagram. She currently has over 400k followers on her business account. More than 40k people currently support her album as well.

The same goes for rumors that she has undergone cosmetic surgery treatment. The influencer hasn’t yet made that information public, though.

However, Additionally,ย Bishoujomomย presents herself as having mother difficulties. She, portrays herself as the mother of her dreams.

well-prominent Celebrity:

The internet celebrity is well-prominent for her cosplay photos and videos. shares Instagram photos while wearing superhero costumes.

We know nothing about her parents, teenage years, or Family. She is an American who has just traveled with friends to Los Angeles.

With her costume rendition of Liane Cartman from South Park, BishoujoMom wins our hearts.

Many of the characters from our favorite animated series are very beloved by the cosplay community, and some, like South Park; have won the hearts of many fans worldwide. Also, A remarkable example of this can be seen in the creation of incredible tributes to the show’s most recognizable characters.

We find it rather strange that a stunning model picked the South Park theme for her interpretation of the female character Liane Cartman, so today, we explore a flesh-and-blood version that will undoubtedly cause many to fall in love. A follower of the show.

This portrayal was produced by; the cosplayerย Bishoujomom. She shared photographs on her official Instagram account while dressing up as Eric Cartman’s adored mother in a genuinely adorable Liane Cartman costume.

Juliette Michele’s distinctive portrayals of diverse figures from popular culture have often astounded us. She gives us a cosplay of exceptional quality this time, and she has once again struck the mark. For my rendition of her, I adopt the persona of Liane Cartman, complete with a wig and attire that are nearly exact replicas of the originals.

The outcome has left us all speechless, and the stunning model never ceases to amaze us. However, For today’s cosplay, she chose to honor the endearing female character from South Park, who has already received more than 38 thousand likes on your post.

Bishoujomom Comprise several categories for sale on her website:

  •  Accessories & Jewelry
  •  Clothes and footwear
  • Household & Living
  • Weddings and parties
  •  Entertainment & Toys
  •  Collectables and Art
  •  Tools & Craft Supplies
  •  Vintage

Few by-products report:


1- Bishoujomom Face Mask:


Face masks are a fashionable adornment and a sanitary requirement for keeping yourself and your loved ones safe. Excellent for general protection and daily use. Our face masks offer a protective physical shield for the face. Also, They are, however, not medical-grade and not suited for medical usage.

  • Exterior: 100% Polyester
  • Interior: 100% Cotton
  • One size.
  • It has Black earloops and an outside edge.

2- Unisex Mommy Nature Ringer Tee 2 Bishoujomom:


With this Unisex Ringer Tee, revive the “classic-cool” aesthetic! This lightweight (5.4oz) t-shirt, which comes in a range of base and accent colors, is a need for the summer simply because of its adaptability! Everyone may wear this shirt! As you visit the boardwalk or the gym, turn heads.

  • Cotton, 100% (fiber content may vary for different colors)
  • Lightweight material (5.4 oz/yd2; 183 g/m2)
  • Standard size
  • Peel off the label

3-Mother of Three Sticker Bishoujomom:


The Sticker may be cut into whatever form you choose using a kiss-cut, which leaves the back intact so it can easily peel off the paper. It gives you the most creative freedom to realize your ideas.

  • Either translucent or white
  •  The left side of grey adhesive for white stickers
  • There are four sizes available.
  • Only the PNG design format is supported.
  • It is For use inside.
  • Not watertight.

4- Men’s boxer briefs by Bishoujomom:


Enough with the drab solid hues and vintage plaid patterns from the 1930s. Also, With specially created Men’s Boxer Briefs, you may experience below-the-belt comfort like never before! When it counts, these self-fabric lined, lightweight (3.84 oz) boxer briefs will keep you cozy and stylish!

  • 100 percent polyester
  • Extra-thin material (3.9 oz/yd2; 129 g/m2)
  • Standard size
  • Inside, printed care label

5-Women’s Traditional Mom One-Piece Bathing Suit:


The woman’s traditional one-pieceย Bishoujomomย swimsuit allows her to customize the poolside. This item is stylish and capable of holding brilliant colors. It is made up of 83% nylon and 17% spandex. although this may be true, Furthermore, A strap made of elastic reinforces the chest. Chlorine effects aside, sublimation printing guarantees that the vividness of the artwork will endure over time.

  • It consists of 83% Nylon and 17% Spandex.
  • Lightweight material (178 g/m2; 5.26 oz/yd2)
  • Front and rear neck cutouts in the shape of U
  • Elastic borders on straps
  • It Runs more frequently than usual.

Added Information:

Almost 1,220,562 people follow this web celebrity. She follows 481 accounts in total. Although this may be true, Moreover, She has 3,941 tweets and 8,081 likes as of right now.

Overall Summary:

On Twitter, Bishoujomom‘s posts typically get 6K likes and 541 retweets.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bishoujomom’s Twitter statistics:


How many people follow Bishoujomom on Twitter?

What is her engagement rate?

Her Twitter account has a 0.50% engagement rate.

  1. What percentage of her tweets receive likes on average?
  2. Juliette Michele’s tweets typically receive 5,580 likes.
  1. How many retweets does she get?
  2. On average, Juliette Michele’s Tweets garner 541 retweets.
  1. What is her Twitter username?
  2. Her Twitter handle is @BishoujoMom.

How many tweets have this famous person made on Twitter?

As of now, 3,941 tweets have been made by “Juliette Michele”/Bishoujomom.

To sum up:

A few weeks ago, the stunning and seductive cosplayerย Bishoujomomย shared a relatively awesome and audacious cosplay of the Spy x Family franchise character Yor Forger on her Twitter account. Also, most people are well aware, Yor, an assassin, has captured the hearts of many admirers because of her charm and personality. However, don’t worry about becoming too attached to her, or awful things will happen.

In addition, are in awe of such a fantastic cosplay that recreates the character in a relatively adult tone, making her appear to be more than just a killer but devote herself to more obscene activities. although this may be true, We can state that this cosplay has been one of the greatest we have seen and from the Spy x Family franchise thus far for these reasons, among many others.

Furthermore, In totaling to following her on her social networks, keep in mind if you want to see the cosplayer’s uncensored photographs. Moreover, We welcome you to visit her social networks, where you can discover additional pictures of the Yor Forger cosplay from Spy x Family.

Bishoujomom, a cosplayer, is there on On fans? Is there a leak?

She is present there. I’m not sure if her information has leaked.

Also, Cosplayer Mariah “Momokun” Mallad has more than a million Instagram followers. Whether it’s Lady Dumitrescu, Princess Peach, Spider Demon Mother, or any other anime or video game character, Momokun is renowned for cosplaying them, frequently enhancing their appeal. She, however, has long been the object of hatred. How come?

We also invite you to check out the cosplayer’s many accounts, where you can discover a tonne of “Rikolino” stuff if you want to see more H and relatively mature content from her. We sincerely hope you have enough cash in your pocket to accomplish this:

Bishoujomom has frequently criticized the cosplay community for what some consider to be excessively sexualized cosplays. She has been under attack due to her weight. Her images are often disseminated in online Gaming communities, where she is subjected to insults about her weight and attractiveness. Altogether, Furthermore, Even though this is undoubtedly unjust, some members of the cosplay community believe they have a right to annoy the content producer. There was an attempt to cancel Bishoujomom in 2018 on claims that she had harassed and groped other cosplayers.

Altogether, addition, Before the groping, she was already the subject of suspicion. She made an Instagram post detailing how she experienced bullying in high school for being overweight. Everyone should be treated with love, according to the post’s description. Some misinterpreted Bishoujomom‘s words to mean that individuals only deserved respect if they would one day be deemed “hot.” because one never knows what they may become as adults.

Why is this central fireball so despised?

She has received several criticisms for her conduct against other members of the cosplay community. furthermore, She was charged with kicking at bits of a friend’s cosplay by another cosplayer. She can be seen in a video acting insensitively toward an Asian cosplayer at a conference. According to some reports, She declined requests for pictures with admirers.

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