Zoboomafoo: Play Day at Animal Junction Movie Review

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Zoboomafoo is a 1999 educational children’s television show hosted by Chris and Martin Kratt and produced by Cinar. The Kratt boys’ habit is to hang out with Zoboomafoo (also known as Zoboo) and play with animals in a dreamland known as Animal Crossing.

Since 1966, the Duke Lemur Center in Durham, North Carolina, has been the home and study for hundreds of lemurs, lorises, and tarsiers. But they are currently accountable for 250 persons representing 21 different species.

Part of the Zoboomafoo Series

With the help of the lovable lemur Zoboo, brothers Chris and Martin Kratt discover the exciting lives of animals and the natural environment in which we all live. Learning about animals is made interesting and exciting for children thanks to various styles running from live-action to clay animation. Because of our love for Zoboomafoo, a television show about animals, we learned the value of wildlife preservation and developed a sense of responsibility for the creatures we saw on screen.

The performance was quite entertaining to watch because something was going on. Even the introduction contained a little bit of everything.


Episode 1: Cats

In comparison to “Cats,” this is better. Animal Junction is a colony of kittens who are everywhere. Purrs hears from all cats, including those in the wild. 

Episode 2: Puppies

Animal Junction gets kidnapped by puppies.

Episode 3: Pets

Martin, Chris, and Zoboomafo become unexpected pet-sitters when Jackie and her pals decide to nurse a baby rat while taking care of their other pets. Zoboomafoo and the Kratt Brothers turn Animal Junction into a play area for these 19 pets, where they discover the distinctions between cats, dogs, fish, and even cows.

Episode 4: Great Singers

Martin, Chris, and Zoboo take on the almost impossible task of attempting to persuade a kookaburra into singing. Eventually, after numerous efforts, their new bird friend joins them in singing a song of his own. Martin and Chris then venture out into the wilderness searching for the famous song of the moose.

Episode 5: Bath Time

Zoboo and the Kratt brothers discuss bathtime in this episode, which is judged “dirty.” Martin and Chris bathe three very muddy dogs in Animal Junction to explain how some animals require a wash. Later on, the Kratt brothers venture out into the wilderness and participate in an elephant bathing ceremony.

Episode 6: Horses

A calf and her mother, a solid Belgian horse, are the focus of this episode of Zoboomafoo, in which the Kratt brothers and Zoboo spend some time together. They learn everything there is to know about horses along the way. In addition, zebras appear at Animal Junction to demonstrate how they are related to and different from the other horses.

Episode 7: Animal Daycare

Animal Junction is transformed into an “Animal Daycare” in this episode due to the activities of three playful leopards and cat kittens. The Kratt Brothers work with Zoboomafoo to create a playroom for these kittens. However, other newborn animals soon join the kittens in the playroom and begin to have a good time. So, Jackie sends a letter in which she describes how she helped a baby bird reconnect with its mother. The Kratt brothers are interested in this note, and they set out to find additional examples of how mothers in the wild care for their offspring. When the Kratt boys return home, they discover Zoboo hosting some new residents of “Animal Daycare.”

Episode 8: Playtime

Animal Junction is alive with the sounds of children having a good time in this episode of Zoboomafoo. Martin, Chris, and Zoboomafo welcome lion cubs, serval kittens, baby birds, and even youngsters to their homes for some much-needed entertainment and games with them!

Episode 9: Dinosaurs

ZOBOOMAFOO introduces young viewers to animals in a joyful and active learning environment that is entertaining and educational. There is a colorful combination of formats used in the series, including the clay animation imaginary world of Zabooland, 2D animation, and a live-action outpost called Animal Junction. Where the Kratt Brothers and Zoboomafoo come together to explore the world of animals and teach children how to become friends with them.

Episode 10: Giants

In this episode, the giants of the animal kingdom pay a visit to the town of Animal Junction. Various animals, including the elephant, giraffe, and camel, show off their fantastic size as Zoboo. And the Kratt brothers explain how being a “giant” in the wild impacts an animal’s habits. You can also see a yak, a tiger, and a wild boar at the Animal Junction. Jackie’s message describes how she helped in planting a tree to watch it grow into a gigantic tree one day.

In Zobooland, who can forget our little lemur companions?

We attract by the show’s use of vibrant colors and exciting action sequences. So almost every episode had Chris and Martin traveling to a new remote location of the planet to help us understand the animal life there, in a manner that reminded us somewhat of Steve Irwin.


It earned the Parents’ Choice Award for Spring 2001 and the Silver Honor Award for Fall 2001 for outstanding direction.

Death causes of Zoboomafoo

ย North Carolina’s Durham hosted the 2014 North Carolina State Football Championship on November 11, 2014. On Monday, the Duke Lemur Center staff mourn the death of Jovian. A beloved Coquerel’s sifaka died of kidney disease at age 20.5.

Zoboomafoo is a real animal  

Zoboo, is a talking primate created by the Kratt Brothers. And performed by Gord Robertson and principally played by a lemur named Jovian, and a collection of other animals.

Why do people like the Zoboomafoo series?

The primary character was Zoboo, who would alternate being both a puppet and a kind of lemur from Coquerel’s collection. We all know what happened after his buddies Chris and Martin Kratt greeted him. Every morning when he rushed to the door!  Millions of examples of this series were enjoyable. For example, it connected the realm of imagination with its young audience by employing a range of animation methods.

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