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Ullu is an OTT (over-the-top) platform in India. Also, this platform develops and distributes Hindi and other Indian web shows. Moreover, this digital platform features various drama, comedy, horror, and romance web series. Furthermore, all types of web series by the Ullu actress name are regularly debated due to their solid and controversial themes.

In this article, we are going to share all the basic and essential information about Ullu actress names here:

However, this platform, Ullu, is known and famous for its unique programming. Also, it has so many female-focused series like Charmsukh, Palang Tod, Riti Riwaj, Chawl House, Kavita Bhabhi, Jaghanya, Prabha Ki Diary, Jane Anjane Mein, and many other popular Ullu web series.

Ullu online web platform:

This Ullu online series is exceptional due to its successful actresses and fascinates viewers. Moreover, these bonds are building anticipation for future episodes. Also, it is a complete list of all Ullu actors and actresses, images, and other information.

Top 10 Web Series Ullu actress name:

1: Mishti Basu: Ullu actress name:

Ullu actress name

Mishti is an Indian web series actress and model. Also, she is seductive and alluring. Basu was born in Kolkata. Moreover, she is a stunning lady and has begun modeling at college or university. Furthermore, her elegant photo shoots made her famous and won millions on social media.

However, she is known for her daring career and has entered OTT fashion. Also, Mishtiโ€™s web series performances are unforgettable.

Mishti Basuโ€™s famous role and actress:

Her famous web series is Charmsukh Maa Devrani Beti Jethani to Palang Tod Friend Request. Also, Mishti relishes vital parts that ignite screens. Moreover, Mishtiโ€™s subsequent films, like โ€œDesi Tadkaโ€ and โ€œMuse,โ€ promise more hot content. Furthermore, she is Bengali and values her parentsโ€™ support. However, all her enchantresses are single, enjoying their independence and passion.

2: Priya Gamre: Ullu actress name:

Ullu actress name

She is an Indian actress. Her full name is Priya Gamre. Also, Priya has appeared in Marathi films like Mukkam Post Dhanori (2014), 1 Navra 3 Bayka (2009), Black Home (2015), and then Made in Maharashtra (2016).

Moreover, Priya was born in Chiplun, Maharashtra, on May 20, 1993. Also, she is 5โ€™4โ€ณ tall with black hair and eyes. Furthermore, Priya is Hindu and follows Sai Baba.

She is single with her sister Naina. Also, Priya has played Bayyaji Bai, Sai Babaโ€™s mother, in the web serial Dhobi Ki Dulhan Pyari Hai (2015) and TV series. Moreover, she is a famous Bollywood actress who used Priya as a stunt double. However, Priya likes parties, biking, drinking, and smoking.

3: Pihu Sharma: Ullu actress name:

Ullu actress name

Pihu Sharma is also known as a seductive actress and model. Also, she is intriguing. Moreover, she has a huge Instagram following due to her stunning looks.

Furthermore, Pihu is most captivating in music videos, short films, and seductive web series like โ€œCharmsukh Tawa Garamโ€ and โ€œKulta. However, her recent release, โ€œKulta,โ€ engulfed Mood X OTT platforms. Also, her most captivating talents in Punjabi and then Haryanvi music videos captivate viewers.

4: Nehal Vadoliya: Ullu actress name:

Ullu actress name

As we all know, she is the best actress and model. Also, she belongs to Jamnagar, Gujarat. Also, she has made a name for herself in famous series like โ€œMangalam Dangalamโ€ and โ€œShri Ganesha. Moreover, Nehal also worked on Gujarati films. Furthermore, she began modeling and has been in online series like ALTBalajiโ€™s โ€œGandii Baat Season 3โ€ and Ullu Appโ€™s โ€œJulie.

Nehal had a cameo in โ€œTaarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. Also, the Gujarati Media and then Film Awards named Nehal. Moreover, she was the Best Debut Actress for her talent and effort. However, her singing and dancing skills are well-known. In Mumbai, Maharashtra, she continues to wow audiences with her performances.

5: Sneha Paul: Ullu actress name:

Ullu actress name

Letโ€™s meet an exciting and most charming personality and meet Sneha Paul. Also, she is an Indian actress and model. Moreover, Sneha has swept the business.

This information covers her net worth, personal life, and career, from stunning looks to success. Also, we should learn about her Kolkata upbringing, education, and then popularity through web series like โ€œCharmsukh Chawl House.

Letโ€™s discover her family, private personal life, and $1 million of 2024 net worth. Also, her favorite activities and online series have included. Moreover, all her social media will reveal her mysterious and gifted world.

6: Shreya Tyagi: Ullu actress name:

Ullu actress name

Her enticing realm of beauty and charisma. Also, Shreya is intoxicated with her beauty on TV and in fashion. Moreover, she was born in Panchkula, India, on March 12, 1995.

Furthermore, she is a divine woman. Also, her captivating performances in films and web series and her stunning beauty and physique leave fans wanting more. Moreover, her dark, intriguing eyes reveal secrets as her flowing black hair cascades like an ebony waterfall. However, she is a sensual mystery that ignites hearts.

7: Thea Dโ€™Souza: Ullu actress name:

Ullu actress name

Let us seduce all the readers with the fascinating Thea Dโ€™Souza. She is also known as Thea Dโ€™Souza. Moreover, she is an Indian beauty who captivates hearts as a sexy model and Bollywood actress.

Moreover, her schooling took her to Bombay University in Mumbai. Also, Dโ€™Souza has developed her brain and charisma. Moreover, she became a stunning model, effortlessly captivating the lenses with their magnetic attractiveness. However, she has fate bigger plans for this enchantress.

Although Dโ€™Souza effortlessly entered the acting industry. Moreover, her captivating cinematic presence made her famous and adored. Also, she is leaving audiences wanting more.

Furthermore, her star rose in Charmsukh Flat, an Ullu Original online sitcom that captivated viewers with her seductive appeal and sensuality.

8: Angel Bhandari: Ullu actress name:

Ullu actress name

She is an Indian enchantress, Angel Bhandari. Also, Angel captivates the world with her belly dancing. Moreover, the reality show Skulls & Roses and Ullu Originalsโ€™ Cat Lady captivate her.

Furthermore, Palang, Tod, and Angel seduce hearts in the seductive web serial. Also, she is a model and an internationally trained belly dancer. However, she lives her passion on her terms.

9: Leena Jumani: Ullu actress name:

Ullu actress name

She is an Indian actress and model. Also, Leena is best known for her role as Tanushree Tanu Mehta in the Zee TV serial Kumkum Bhagya. Moreover, in Bandini, Leena played Khemi, a girl from a poor village who played the role of a village girl.

Furthermore, she has appeared as Suhasi on Koi Aane Ko Hai. At the same time, Chhoti Si Zindagi saw her playing Paridhi from Punar Vivah, Piya Ka Ghar Pyara Lage from Amit Ka Amit also featured alongside Tanushree (Tanu) from Kumkum Bhagya). Finally, Kumkum Bhagya saw this model play Tanushree (Tanu) as the main antagonist.

Also, Leena is a famous Indian TV actress working on the Ullu web series and has a considerable following.

10: Pamela Mondal: Ullu actress name:

Ullu actress name

She is an accomplished actress in Indian cinema. Also, Pamela was born and raised in Kolkata. In 2009, Pamela made her acting debut in the Bengali film โ€˜Kaalbelaโ€™, and since then, her career. Moreover, she has taken off with appearances in numerous South Indian movies, TV serials, ad shoots, and Web series such as Ghapa Ghap and Prabha ki Dairy, Madhosh Diaries, Gandi Baat 5, Palang Tod Kirayedar, and Sin Story.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

1: What is the hottest and sexiest Ullu web series actress name?

Ans: Top 10 web series with the hottest models are:


Mohan Chabhiwala


Farebi Yaar

Palang Tod


2: Who is the famous actress in the Ullu web series?

Ans: Kajal Jha is an Indian model and actress. Also, she predominantly works in the Ullu web series. Moreover, she became famous after doing roles in the Ullu web series. However, Kajal has worked in popular web series like Charmsukh – Tapan.

The Final Words:

There are so many Ullu actress names mentioned. Also, these models are very famous and have the sexiest personalities.

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