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Paimon Genshin Impact – Complete biography, Age, Wiki

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How old is paimon genshin impact? Is Paimon the final boss? She is a non-playable female character that carries the traveler throughout their adventure in Teyvat.

Introduction of Paimon Genshin Impact:

Paimon Genshin Impact is a non-playable female character in Genshin Impact that carries the traveler and the user throughout their adventure in Teyvat as their local guide.

In Paimon Genshin Impact, she would meet the traveler by fishing out from a lake in which she mentions she would have drowned all their fishes.

If there are no fish in the pond, you can get more exciting information about all Paimon Genshin Impact in this article here.

In this article, the user can find all the relevant information about this non-playable character. The reader can get to know all precious material related to this character today.

Who is Paimon Genshin Impact?

Paimon Genshin is a cute and bubbly girl, and she is tiny and sincere too. She makes it clear in front of others who she likes most and does not like anyhow.

 She is a foodie, and she loves to eat all time. But she has a smaller size of her body. Due to her small size, she can eat enough food to wolf down large amounts of food before she feels complete. 

The appearance of Paimon Genshin Impact:

She has a small body. And she looks like a beautiful fairy in this traveling guide game. She has thick beautiful white hair, and her hair is cropping just above her shoulders. She has dark purple eyes and fair skin.

Paimon Genshin outfit and styling:

She is wearing a long-sleeved white jumper suit and a night-blue cape embellishing with fleck stars, and she is wearing white stockings with white boots. 

The rose-gold embroidery and pretty shapes are attached to her jumper, boots, and sleeves.

Her accessories:ย 

Paimon Genshin’s accessories have a dark purple hairpin, which is almost black, and she is wearing a rose-gold crown that levitates above her head very beautifully.

What do you know about Paimon Genshin Impact?

Paimon Genshin Impact

Paimon Genshin Impact is such a type of impact which is a human-looking creature, and she is looking like a beautiful fairy. She is wearing a crown on her head.

 She is an attractive companion and a best friend, and a traveling guide, but there are quite a few things about the character of this guide and traveler that do not make any sense.

Her surprising character:

She is looking so cute and pretty also. She is looking like bubbly and a little honest.

Her character has one surprising character that is very hard to know about her in this traveling guide. She is floating with

She looks like a human, but her humanoid type of creature joins the traveler on his journey. The traveler of this game is firstly meeting with her by fishing them out of the water accidentally.

How old is Paimon Genshin Impact?

If any of you is wondering about the age of Paimon, then he should go on the right track, and there is no exact fact about her character and appearance. 

Her birthday:

The only thing that we know about her is that her birthday. And she was born on June 1st. 

However, any of you can see that Paimon appears to be around 5 to 7 years old.

The user or traveler can see it by her speaking ability and also her physical dimensions. However, she is a very tiny creature, regarding like world and history type of personality.

 She is a very knowledgeable creature with an understanding ability girl. She is exactly looking like a seven-year-old kid, and her intelligence is beyond that of a kid, which is going beyond if we compare to the brightness of a 7-year kid with her.

What do you know about her physical appearance and also her character?

However, her physical appearance is minimal according to her intelligence, but she is a very active and intelligent creature in this game.

 Many people think that the age of Paimon is about 1000 years old and because they are speculating that she is looking like an elf. 

Regardless, if she is an elf, we should not apply human expectations to her because the fictional character and her aging process are just like an elf. And her character may be different from a real-life human in the game.

What do you know facts about her?

In this article, we are trying to give you all information about her, and also we are trying to provide all the interesting facts and trivia about her.

1: She looks like a humanoid character, but she is not a proper human.

2: she seems to look like that. She cannot swim even though. When she is swimming in the water in the game, she floats above the user or gamer.

3: when any of the users is using her in the game, then during the closed beta test version, she is using a tool which is as replying to the questions and suggestions that a lot of people asking on the Genshin Impact.

4: she also has a nickname, mostly of people or travelers not to know and confirm. All communities and the handle are using in the time of emergency food.

5: she has her role as the mascot of this game, which is the same as Ai-Chan, and she resembles the mascot for Honkai Impact 3rd and another round of miHoYo.

6: she has an interest in food. So we can say that she is a big foodie and she always loves to eat.

7: And she is keeping a very well-oriented type of foodie, which is around food history.

8: The voice of traveler lines shows that Paimon has more than one stomach in her tummy. 

9: One of her stomachs explicitly made for liquids intake.

10: Paimon is described to be a floating Elf companion based on Verr Golden, and this story is also based on the boss of the Wangshu Inn.

The voice actor for Paimon character:

According to this traveling guide and the Impact wiki, the voice actor for Paimon’s character is Aoi Koga, and she is giving dubbing in Japanese.

 Shi Xinlei is giving her voice to this incredible character in Chinese.

Garyeong Kim is giving her voice to this incredible character in Korean.

 And Corina Boettger is giving her voice to this incredible character in English.

What do you know about other non-playable characters in paimon Genshin Impact?

Paimon Genshin Impact

As we all know, she is a non-playable character, and she is a traveling guide. In this game, there are more than many characters, also known as non-playable characters. We are also providing many kinds of information. So more characters are also famous for this game. Some of the names and their details are mentioned here:


Morax is known as the God of Contracts and Rex Lapis. He was famous for his characters and considered the previous Geo Archon and one of the Seven God presiding over Liyue. Moreover, he is one of the two original members of The Seven God who are still alive at the beginning of this game.


Chloris is one of the wandering NPC in Mondstadtโ€™s wind-rise area. She is selling five different flowers in her shop in this game. And her shop is not quickly located in this game. The name of her shop is Mondstadtโ€™s flower shop.

She has enormous stock, and she will reset her stock after every three days, and the items of her shop are not changeable. What is she offering in her shop? Do not change. She always opens her shop every day. And she only comes up between 6:00 am to 19:00.


Guizhong is known as the God of Dust. She is also a female character in this game. In the past, she is using to live in Guili Pains. She is one of the oldest known gods in this game. And she had also created four main commandments.


She is a non-playable character in Genshin Impact and this game. Also, She can be found on Liyue Harbor beach in the state of Liyue.ย 

She has a shop for antique goods, and the name of her shop is also fascinating. Her shop is named Xigu Antiques. And her shop is open at night from 00:00 am to 5:59 pm. 

She opens her shop only.’

 in the nighttime. But in the daytime, she can find the perusing items she is selling on her stall, located at the northern end of Liyue Harbor.

Unknown God:

She is known as the Sustainer of Heavenly Principles. 

And she is also a famous Goddess of this game.

 She is a god and also a female character in this game. 

Also, She has the mysterious nature of this game.

She is the god of pathfinders and also has of responsibility to separate the travelers in this game. This is her task in this game.

In the opening of this game, she appears where the travelers are telling about Paimon and how they finished stranded in Tivat.


He is also a non-playable character, and these characters are also found in Mondstadt in this game. The user can find her in the fountain from 19:00 am to 06:00 pm. He is trying to help his sister Anna with her rare disease. And she is always sick from this disease.

Increase traveler adventure rank to unlock new features:

Paimon Genshin Impact

Adventure rank is an essential feature of this famous game. And this game has so many effects on the travelerโ€™s life. And all the vital components are readily available in this game.

The user can increase travelersโ€™ adventure rank by opening chests out in the world and this game. 

Here are mentioning all the information about every chest and adventure ranks mentioned in this article here:

1: The feature of AR 8:ย 

This feature has the name of blossom of revelation. 

The user can find this challenge in the world and this game, and this feature supports defeating enemies to earn experience items for leveling up the characters.

2: The feature of AR 12:

This feature has the name Blossom of Wealth and Daily Commissions. Blossom of Wealth is the same feature which is mentioning above in the article. And this feature is granting mora and while giving Daily Commissions to earn userโ€™s adventure rank experience and primogems for wishing more type of characters.

3: The feature of AR 10:

This is also known as an incredible feature of this game. And the user can now redeem Genshin Impact codes quickly from this feature.

4: The feature of AR 14:

This is also known as the fantastic feature of this game, and it is Head the adventurer’s guild of this game. All the characters send to farm mora, minerals, and food.

Certain characters have expedition time and reductions depending on regions, such as Keqing, Bennett, Fischl, Chongyun, and Sara.

5: The feature of AR 16:

This is also another essential feature of this game, which is Co-op and Domains of Forgery. This feature lets the user and traveler Co-op and plays with others in this game.

ย 6: The feature of AR 20:

This feature has the name Spiral Abyss and Battle pass. The Spiral Abyss is a dungeon, and we can say that it is a spell representing Genshin Impacts and the seasonal challenge of this game.

This is the best option available for the fight through it with the best characters to earn rewards that are regularly reset in this game. The battle pass also grants many kinds of tips through play for achievements such as cooking meals, using resin, beating bosses, etc.

7: The feature of AR 22:

This is also the best kind of feature which has the name of Domains of Blessing. This has the main aim of forgery, and these domains also allow the user or traveler to earn and farm artifacts.

8: The feature of AR 25:

This is such an outstanding feature of Reputation, and this can complete quests and specific tasks of this game. The user will earn a reputation in each region of this game. The user of this game is reaching certain reputation levels, which also grants rewards for this game. 

9: The feature of AR 26:

These are the story keys of this game. By completing daily commissions, the user can earn many kinds of story keys to unlock quests for specific characters. 

10: The feature of AR 27:

This is another name and feature Domains of Mastery. These domains offer materials for ascending characters to a new level in this game and leveling their talents to improve game quality.

The final words:

Paimon Genshin Impactย is such an incredible game that allows the user or travelers to find all the quests and mysterious paths to finder and travelers. The main hero of this game is a humanoid character, and her name is Paimon.

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