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Top Advantages of Using Mylar Bags for Food Packaging

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Mylar bag packaging has a wide variety of uses, from long-term food storage to protecting documents, photos and magazines from water damage. You can also store clothing, herbs, medical equipment, holiday items and much more in these bags. However, if you own a business and need packaging for your products, you should understand the advantages of mylar bag options.


In many cases, packaging companies provide mylar packaging options that are not only 100% recyclable but make them using recycled materials. Due to their manufacturing process and materials, they also use less energy, water and raw materials to make. Their light weight makes mylar food packaging them cheaper to ship; reducing the amount of fuel emissions required to transport your products to their destination.

Some products also have multiple uses; so your customers can repurpose them after they consume all of your products, particularly those with CR zippers.

Keep Your Products Fresh

Mylar bags prevent moisture from getting to your products. This makes them safe for supplements, food, medicine and cosmetic products. Their barrier also keeps out odors, so your products always smell fresh. In addition, they block oxygen that can accelerate spoilage, keeping your mylar food packaging items fresher longer. Because they resist tears and punctures, your products remain safe and sealed in their bags.


Stand up pouch printing give you options to fully customize your packaging. You can design innovative, eye-catching print designs that will make your products stand out on the shelf. Because you have so much printing real estate; you can provide your customers with more information and better graphics and typography than before. You can even include interactive QR codes to get them to engage with your brand and learn more about your company.

The printing process is also efficient because mylar bag packaging companies can print them digitally. You can choose roll stock, stand-up pouches or packages that lay flat; depending on how you want your products to sit on shelves.

Help Grow Your Brand

Due to the customization options, you can expand your brand identity and recognition using mylar bags. When you determine how you want your packaging to look, you can use the same colors, typography, illustrations and graphics on all your products. You can also include mylar food packaging information about your company, its values and goals and its processes right on the bag. Including smart technology also gains the attention of your target audience.

Also, because you can choose stand-up packaging, you can set mylar food packaging yourself apart from your competition, and your customers can learn about you and your products without even taking them off the shelf.

Cost Reduction

The global market is highly competitive, so you likely consistently search for ways to reduce your costs. Not only are mylar products less expansive than traditional packaging options, but they also take up less space. Even when you fill them with your products, they donโ€™t require as much space as traditional hard packaging. In addition, you can pack more in a box or on a pallet, and they require less shelf space in stores.

If these sound like advantages you want to know more about; contact a flexible packaging company that provides 100% recycled mylar packaging.

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