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levi ackerman: Personality, Birth Date and his Friends

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Since his introduction to the hugely popular series, Levi Ackerman has been a fan favorite. Levi, voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya in the first three seasons of Attack on Titan, was the show’s most popular character. Despite Eren’s increased attention, Levi’s popularity remained strong and even rose in the final season.

Attack on Titan’s best action sequences come courtesy of Leviathan. In Season 2 and Episode 1 of “Finale,” he had epic clashes with Zeke. Even in the Attack on Titan Final Season Part 1, he was incredible in his fight against Zeke As a result of his capacity to take out titan-sized foes, Levi Ackerman has been dubbed “Humanity’s Strongest Soldier.”

Levi’s Physical Appearance:

Despite his youthful appearance, Levi has a narrow, intimidating grey eye with dark circles under it, as well as short, straight black hair styled in an undercut curtain. Despite his small stature, the extensive use of vertical navigational equipment has resulted in a muscular physique. With his cool head and lack of facial expressions, it can be difficult for others to tell what he is thinking.

With his signature white ascot and light grey button-up under his Survey Corps uniform, he is the most recognized character. When venturing outside the Walls, he also dons the green hooded cloak of the Survey Corps. Levi was once photographed in a black suit, white shirt, ascot, and dress shoes while on medical leave due to an injury.   Even though the coup began, he hasn’t worn an ascot since. He wore his vertical navigational equipment harness over his casual clothes for the majority of the time.

Levi Ackerman Personality:

Because of his family background, people who know Levi will describe him as a “clean freak,” who prefers a spotless environment and a spotless self. Because of his anti-soiling nature, he has been observe wiping down his pressure blades while still in the field of battle.

Despite his fascination with cleanliness, Levi is a difficult person to get to know. He doesn’t show much emotion, giving the impression that he’s distant and uninterested. His tone of voice is often harsh and rude, and his comments are frequently crude or inappropriate. Those who disagree with him or get on his nerves can count on him to provoke them or treat them with disrespect.

Levi Ackerman History:

His mother, Kuchel Ackerman, was a prostitute in the New York City Underworld who gave birth to Levi after one of her customers made her pregnant. To Kuchel’s older brother Kenny Ackerman’s dismay, she was found dead in the city one day. In front of his mother’s bed sat a young and filthy Levi, who had to be abandoned by his father.

Kenny decided to take care of him in a rare display of compassion. He did the best he could to raise Levi, teaching him how to use knives, how to get along with others, and how to behave violently. As an Ackerman, Levi possessed a special kind of inner strength that he was able to channel to his advantage.

Facts About Levi Ackerman:

Levi Ackerman is a shining star in the Attack on Titan universe when it comes to protecting humanity from the ever-present danger of the Titans. He’s a formidable enemy because of his superior combat abilities and keen strategic sense.

Here are some interesting facts about Levi.

Levi has a criminal past:

When it reveals that Levi was once a criminal, fans of the anime series Attack on Titan are likely to be surprised. Although Levi never became a monster like his uncle, Kenny Ackerman, who raised him, Levi ran with a gang of thieves before he was caught by the Scouts, who forced him to pay for what he had done.

As a punishment, Levi and two other thieves, Isabel and Furlan, joined the Survey Corps; however, only Levi has survived. His attitude has changed dramatically since joining the company. For the sake of humanity and playing the good guys, he’s looking better than ever before.

Reason For His Cleanliness:

Levi grew up in the slums of Attack on Titan’s Underground City, where he spent most of his childhood. Before her mother’s died, Levi’s mother was a prostitute who lived in poverty and left him with nothing. The only person who would take him in and teach him how to live was Kenny. In his youth, he longed for a clean house and now he thinks Aaron is the best cleaner because of his experience living in the filthy underground.

Why Levi looks older:

I’d assume Levi is in his early to mid-20s. Affirming that Levi is shockingly elderly, Isayama refused to provide a precise age. After much fan speculation, he verified the character’s mid-30s age.

Levi hates Commander Erwin:

Many Levi Ackerman fans will find this surprising. Yes, Levi used to despise Erwin. Although Levi and Erwin’s relationship has been shown to be built on years of loyalty and trust, this was not the case when they first met. The Survey Corps formed after Erwin captured Levi and his friends stealing.

Levi suffers has insomnia:

That’s right. Levi Ackerman has insomnia. The same clothes on a chair often see him sleeping. Levi, a Survey Corps member, frequently leaves the walls for multiple missions. The Captain has seen some disturbing things, which may or may not be the cause of his insomnia, but it’s confirmed that he has insomnia.

Levi Ackerman Like Tea:

We’ve all seen Levi’s unique cup-holding technique. Isayama confirms Levi’s love of tea. Ackerman loves tea and makes sure it’s in every shipment. Because of his love of tea, Levi dreams of opening a tea shop.

Ackerman’s Birth Date and his friends:

Many fans are unaware of this fact about Levi Ackerman. His birthday is a holiday. The Attack on Titan universe may or may not celebrate Christmas, but for fans, December 25th is also Santa Levi’s birthday.

Even though it is rare for Levi to make friends easily, he did so near the manga’s end. In the manga’s epilogue, he spends lots of time with Onyankopon, Gabi, and Falco rather than with his squad. That they didn’t know each other for the majority of the series is a shock to everyone.

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