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Bentist ia dental care doctor in Texas. He is a good-looking guy due to his beautiful outfits and dashing personality. It’s not uncommon for him to be referred to as “The Bentist” Ben Winters is the realย name of this person. He is a well-known dentist on TikTok and has his clinic. When he was not studying dental care, he worked as a fitness instructor as well. He owned The Something Nice Company, which is a dental services organization.

As a dentist, he provides many facilities in North West Arkansas. In 2019, the Arkansas People’s party awarded him the top Northwest Texas Dentist. If you’re a follower of Bentist, you’ll want to read on to learn more about this multi-talented and dashing TikTok star.

Bentist Early Life

As we also discussed, he was born in Texas, America, on December 19, 1990. Most of his relatives are also in medical school, having spent approximately 15 years completing their PhDs. With so many relatives in the medical profession, Ben had no idea that he will become so well-known.

His next steps were at the University of Oklahoma, where he learned about healthcare and medicine, and then at the ‘University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry.’

The Career of Bentist

Currently, Ben Winters has a Youtube channel with a huge fan following of 150 thousand people. You can catch Ben playing the online video game on his YouTube channel. He got a household name once he began publishing amusing videos on TikTok.

In addition, He became an overnight internet celebrity after uploading his debut video to TikTok in the year 2019. Short films have already been posted on the internet showing his supporters how to properly care for their teeth, and his following has risen. The Bentist’s TikTok account has 250.4 million likes and around 9 million followers also. On top of that, he currently has 1 million-plus subscribers on Instagram, where he has uploaded many pictures of his family and his own.


‘Megan Winters’ is the name of the Bentist’s beautiful wife. He has two children at this time. They both use the same social media platforms. As a TikTok artist, Megan is also well known. Megan has gained a large following thanks to her shady jokes, people moving, and lip syncs, which often contain messages in her videos. The couple frequently posts movies and images together on their various social media accounts. The Bentist’s followers love him and his wife because they are the definition of a perfect couple.

All of Bentist’s relatives have found love and settled down. He also has a grandmother, a mother, a brother-in-law, and two sisters who are all physicians. It appears that Ben’s dad is unknown. He wants to keep his personal life personal. So, he requested to his fans which is accepted by them. This is not anything special. Everyone wants to keep his personal life personal.

Relationship Status

Ben Winters has gained a lot of attention and recognition throughout the years. Aren’t Ben’s admirers excited to hear more about his dating life and loving relationship?

He is the husband of Megan Winters and they have two children. In the very same location, Megan and Bentist both currently work. TikTok stars like Megan are commonplace. Sketch humor, Emigration, and lip-syncs with the message in videos are some of Megan’s most popular Instagram posts. The couple is routinely spotted on social networks creating TikTok videos and photographing each other. Based on the images of the two of them together, they seem to be a beautiful pair.

Professional Life of Bentist

In Texas, Ben Winters is a dental who serves at Wincrest Orthodontics. Many hours of dental services have been delivered to his clients by him. As an added service, he works with children and teenagers who have orthodontics. Also, he treats teeth that are out of place.

On the online platforms, Dr. Winters’s name is the ‘Bentist’. Developing a warm and welcoming environment is part of his innovative approach to treatment. It is his happiest moment to help you get an attractive and functioning smile that you can show off with pleasure. Doctor Winters, a part of the American Association of Dentists. He is a Nexus and Teen doctor specializing in indentures for kids and adults.

Physical Appearance

The Bentist stands at a height of 6 feet and 2 inches. Ben Winters has a bodyweight of 70kg which approximately is 154 points in pounds. Thanks to his gorgeous, green eyes and light brown hair, Ben has a great deal of potential. As a result of his athleticism, he also has a slim body. He also has a fibrous physique.

Net Worth Of Bentist

How much money does he earn? This means that if you look at The Ben’s last 15 posts, the ordinary number of fans who communicate with them is 2.17 percent of the total. Typically, his partnership income is thought to be around $6,180 and $10,301.

Since The Bentist has more than a million fans on Instagram, he might earn a lot of earning from sponsorships because he has so many followers. If you look at Ben’s latest Instagram posts, you can figure out how much money he makes from sponsorships. According to an estimate, he earns $2,545(USD) through his Instagram posts.

It has been reported that Ben’s overall net worth is anywhere between $900,000 and $1,000,000, based on all of his revenue sources. In addition, he has millions of fans on Youtube, Facebook, and Insta, where he is an online networking superstar. Another source of revenue for the well-known content provider is his health profession.

Final Words

Bentists are more than just talented artists. They are also problem solvers. he is also a genuinely decent guy. This person, like Tayler Holder, has had to work hard to maintain his social media following. He is also a person who believes in the need of doing something good for someone every day. He is willing to bring a smile to the faces of many people because of this attitude and his dental practice.

The Bentist TikTok dentist achieves recognition throughout the world after having his TikTok account confirmed. It’s not uncommon for the Bentist to post brief lip-sync clips or comedy performances on social media networks. He has developed a following of more than 11 million.

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