Pink Princess Philodendron

Pink Princess Philodendron โ€“ How to Care for Pink Princess Plant?

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Pink Princess Philodendron is One of the Hottest Houseplants, terrific, rare Philodendron Species from Tropical Rainforests in South America.

The pink princess or Blushing Philodendron is the vital Instagram plant. The other names of Philodendron Erubescens are Blushing Philodendron or Pink Princess. Philodendron Pink Princess is a real showstopper because of its bright leaves and pink color. The pink color of leaves is because of the absence of chlorophyll- the chemical that creates Philodendronโ€™s leaves green. Completely Pink leaves of Philodendron are not rare, but the degree of the changes will differ from leaf to leaf.

Nowadays, Pink Princess or Blushing Philodendron is in very high demand. Generally, the pink princess is a mixed plant of various species of Philodendron. People love to grow it indoors and outdoors because of its dark color and long growing leaves which can be up to 10 inches long and 5 inches wide. The Pink Princess plant is very easy to grow at home, but there are various vital things that you have to grow it for its maximum beauty.

About the Pink Princess Philodendron:

The botanical name of Pink Princess is Philodendron Erubescens and it is a trailing plant that comes from the Araceae family. Pink Princess is a plant with bright green leaves and a flash of bright pink or whitish-pink spots. This plant doesn’t provide pink leaves from the starting. As the plant grows the white part changes into a pinkish shade. Philodendron is extremely easy to grow.

Philodendron is a slow-growing, mixed philodendron variety that comprises colorful, altered foliage and a straight, charming habit. Pink Princess or Philodendron prefers best-drained soil and some moisture. Those who like a touch of color or gurgle among their greenery, incline to favor the Blushing Philodendron.

Simple Process To Care for Pink Princess Philodendron Plant:ย 


Generally, some kinds of plants will need a specific soil over others. It is best to grow this plant in Sphagnum peat moss. You can purchase the soil from horticultural retailers with plant potting mixtures which promote the growth of Philodendron. Perlite in the soil helps in plant growth.

  • You may use the 3 to 1 ratio of perlite and potting mix when making the soil for Pink Princess.
  • After combining the perlite and potting mix put it in a container that is large enough to grasp the Philodendron.
  • You have to use that pot only which comprises a hole in its bottom.

Watering for Pink Princess Philodendron:

To protect your home plant from rotting, you must give it the right quantity of water. If you wish to grow your Philodendron princess in water, that you know that lukewarm rainwater operates best. Philodendron is different from other plants because of the fact that it may survive in water.

  • When you add water in the pot or container until it comes out from the bottom.
  • The method provides adequate nutrition to the roots of the plant and the pink leaves become healthy.

Temperature and Humidity:

The perfect temperature for Pink Princess is between 65 โ€“ 78 ยฐ F at the time of day and nearly 60ยฐF at night. Exposing your Philodendron to extremely hot temperatures will also harm the plant. When the air is very dry, you have to enhance the humidity levels.

  • Always use a spray jug and spread a fine mist over the leaves of the plant.
  • Generally, you require nearly 40% humidity to make your plant feel happy.
  • Among the simplest methods for plants to maximize humidity is to put it on a moisture tray.
  • You may also keep your houseplants close to another plant.


Growing the new Philodendron plants from root cuttings is a very simple method to get more of these pleasant sprawling houseplants. You may easily propagate the Pink princess plant via the division or stem cuttings. Ensure to cut the bottom of the node to permit the plant to spread.

  • First of all, cut the root or stem under the nodes, ensuring that there are three or four vigorous pink-colored leaves on the stem.
  • Put the leaves in a jar or container of water.
  • After 5 to 6 days, roots will appear in the jar.
  • You have to wait until the roots are 5 cm and then place the rooted Philodendron in a pot which is completed with a light potting mix.

Light for Pink Princess Philodendron:

It is vital to ensure that your Philodendron plant acquires optimal sunlight. You have to Philodendron plant in a medium or dark in direct sunlight. For the Philodendron, optimal means indirect or dark light. Choose the place near your window where the rays of the sun do not touch the leaves.


Giving fertilizer to your Philodendron plant is not all required, particularly when you meet all of these needs. If you wish to be on the sure side, you may use fertilizer during summer and spring. A fragile liquid fertilizer in spring and summer or every 2 months is also an excellent choice.


To prevent these climbing vines from getting overcrowded, you can consider repotting or breeding this plant every two years. Soil mixtures like peat-vermiculite or peat-perlite are also suitable. Many excellent brands of the potting mix are accessible in every gardening center.

  • The day before breeding, water the plant thoroughly to assist in reducing stress.
  • Purchase a new container that is larger than the 1 “to 2” (2.5 – 5 cm) from the current one.
  • Eradicate the plant from its jar and slightly eradicate all soil from the roots.
  • Fill the new container, pot, or jar with the appropriate potting mix and pour the plant inside.
  • Ensure that the Pink Princess Philodendron is at a similar height as in the earlier container.
  • Now, you have to fill it with the potting soil.
  • Press slowly nearby the stems to support the Pink Princess Philodendron, and fill the water carefully.

Final Conclusion:

The pink princess or Blushing Philodendron is among the extremely fabulous and most beautiful plants to grow. The different multi-colored leaves and apartment-friendly shape make it a famous option among plant lovers. The pink princess or Blushing Philodendron is a hiking or vine-like plant that develops gradually. You can care for your Pink Princess plant using the above-provided methods.

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